Watch of the Week: Tourbillon RM 38-02 Bubba Watson

Words by
Lee Cassanell

10th May 2022

Behold the latest collaboration between the American Golfer and the Swiss Watchmaker

Bubba Watson Richard

Inspired by Bubba Watson’s ‘lucky’ colour, the RM 38-02 is built around a baseplate in Carbon TPT®, which comprises many layers of parallel carbon filaments. 

The colour is a nod to Bubba’s iconic Ping driver, and brings subtle touches of pink inside the movement. This colour is also present on the back of the calibre on a monumental micro-perforated bridge, echoing the pattern of Bubba’s driver.

A modern golf ball undergoes an acceleration of up to 50,000 g’s, the RM 38-02’s 9.9 mm thick calibre can withstand shocks of no less than 10,000 g’s. The engineers paid particular attention to its size, delivering both a strong architectural dimension and the compactness necessary for its shock resistance.

The case is made of a unique pink Quartz TPT®, white Quartz TPT® and Carbon TPT®. The association of different colours and materials without merging them was a real technical challenge.

The RM 38-02 Tourbillon Bubba Watson is the fourth watch of the collection bearing Bubba’s name. Produced in a numbered limited edition of 50 pieces, it is the watchmaking equivalent of a hole in one.