Explore Vilnius, Lithuania - The Unexpected Choice

Words by
Pippa Lowe

3rd October 2023

Explore Vilnius, the capital city of Lithuania, as they celebrate their 700th birthday, breaking free from the stereotypical weekend destinations to be the unexpected choice. SPHERE shares some of the hotspots and events that Vilnius has to offer.

Explore Vilnius, now coming to the final quarter of their 700th birthday year, the Lithuanian capital yearns to be discovered for its calm aura away from the hectic buzz of London streets and yearly local events prized by locals. The first and foremost being the Vilnius Light Festival. Every year in January celebrating the end of winter and the introduction of light back into the year, the Light Festival brings stunning futuristic displays to the medieval city streets. Leaving onlookers marvelled, visitors and locals alike.

Explore Vilnius - Light festival 2022
A striking display from Vilnius Light Festival 2022

Although passionate to the point of running a festival celebrating it, the cuisine of Vilnius goes beyond their signature (and beloved) pink soup. A notable spot to consider is Paupys Market, a fresh space for the chefs and artisans of Vilnius to experiment with their creative flair and have the people of the city sample what they think up. Tucked in the bends of the Vilnelė River, this greenery-filled foodie community promises to deliver both simple and vibrant dishes. Creating a unique flavour journey for anyone who steps foot.

Explore Vilnius - Paupys Market
Inside the dining areas of Paupys Market

For those craving a culture shot, Vilnius has an eclectic arts scene from their open-air gallery where wall art sprinkles over street corners to the antique graphic arts of Kazys-Varnelis House-Museum. When envisioning Vilnius, the classical medieval architecture is a key element that sparks to mind with the grand palaces and pillars of the Cathedral Basilica. Alternatively, the surreal castle turrets of Trakai can be easily reached on a day trip from Vilnius if you were searching for a day of seclusion from the cityscape.

Explore Vilnius - Kazys Varnelis House-Museum
Inside the Kazys Varnelis House-Museum

Learn more about Vilnius and plan a getaway to experience the unexpected elements that the city brings, in under three hours from London.