Claudine Restaurant opens in former church

Words by
Lee Cassanell

22nd March 2022

Michelin Star chef brings modern French delights to a late 19th-century Ebenezer Chapel.

Julien Royer’s ‘Claudine’ spreads Joie de Vivre in Dempsey Hill. Located in a former Ebenezer Chapel, Claudine has been refurbished by the Nice Projects and reopened helmed by chef, Julien Royer. Located in the plush surroundings of Dempsey Hill. Claudine is a contemporary French restaurant that presents an “intimate side of French cuisine, inspired by honest home-cooking and convivial meals.”

“Inspired by the simple pleasures of home-cooking, Claudine brings you quintessential French dishes from timeless classics to personal recipes with a fondness for locallity.”

Their mouth-watering menu features plats à partager, dishes designed for sharing around the table which includes a Claudine Bouillabassie containing Gambero rosso, scallop, razor clam, mussel, fennel, saffron rouille and croûtons. If there’s still room in your belly after gorging on Cavair and Oysters, Atlantic Turbot with Black Truffles, Whole Roasted Brittany Pigeon and Steak Tatare are just some of the magnificent mains.

According to Chef Royer, who named Claudine after his mother, “We cook for our guests. We’re not cooking for any guide, ranking or stars. We cook to make people happy .”

“The spirit of hospitality is very important. We want people to feel at home. We want to make sure we know our guests. We want them to come often and we want to customise the experience for them each time.