A Guide to Watch Maintenance with Sachin Mohindra

Words by
Sachin Mohindra

6th December 2023

Sachin Mohindra, head of repairs and services at the Watches of Switzerland Group, brings us this guide to watch maintenance and reveals how to keep your watch ticking along.

The Watches of Switzerland Group, the largest luxury watch retailer in the UK, also operates in the US and Europe. Founded in 1924, Watches of Switzerland has been catering to collectors and enthusiasts for nearly a century, and also advises on the importance of watch care. Sachin Mohindra, the brand’s head of repairs and services, is expert at ensuring the longevity of the world’s top timepieces.

What is the best way to store a watch? Are there different methods for different types of watch?

The best and most practical way to store a mechanical watch is to use a watch winder. This keeps the watch working at its optimum level and ready to wear. If you do not wish to use a watch winder, leather storage rolls are great for travel and general storage. If you are storing quartz watches for several months, removing the battery is in the best interests of the watch.

How often should you service your watch?

As a guide, mechanical watches require servicing every three to five years. Quartz watches require servicing every five to six years. Regular servicing will ensure your watch remains accurate and allow you to enjoy its functionality and style for many years to come.

Guide to Watch Maintenance Sachin Mohindra - Rolex assembly
Assembly of a Rolex movement by hand

How often should you clean your watch?

Cleaning your watch every week is recommended, using a soft bristle brush and warm water with a small amount of detergent.

How should you care for a watch that has gems on it?

The same principles apply for gem-set watches, to maintain the appearance and lustre of your timepiece.

How often should you change your watch strap?

Watch straps last approximately 12 months depending on wear and conditions. A new strap always looks impressive and complements the watch.

What is the best way to protect watch glass?

Modern watches have synthetic sapphire crystal glass that is extremely durable and very difficult to scratch within the parameters of normal daily wear. If you do manage to mark the sapphire glass, replacing it is the only option as it is not possible to remove the marks.

Guide to Watch Maintenance Sachin Mohindra - winding system
Testing of the winding system via a perpetual rotor

How do you prevent tarnishing if you wear a metal watch?

Store your watch in a clean, dry place that is free from dust and moisture. This will help to prevent any tarnishing and keep your watch looking its best. Another important point to remember is to always rinse your watch with lukewarm water if it comes into contact with sea water.

With watch robbery on the rise, do you have any tips on how to keep your watch safe and prevent theft?

Think ahead and plan ahead in terms of where you are going. Look at potential risks on your route and at your destination — for example, if you are taking public transport, and if the location you’re visiting is likely to be crowded. Consider which watch to wear for the event you are attending. Most of all, make sure your watch is insured, be streetwise and don’t give anyone a reason to target you.

What’s the best way to transport watches if you are travelling?

Leather carrying rolls are perfect for travelling. They will hold your watch securely and safely until you arrive at your destination.