Bridget Riley at TM Gallery

Words by
Melanie Rickey
Photography by
Damian Griffiths

14th July 2023

There is nowhere better to see a retrospective of Bridget Riley than at TM Gallery, the specialist art lighting company, whose execution of this show celebrates art in its best light. 

As the London company that specialises in the design and manufacture of LED products that transform works of art within private residences, stately homes, galleries and museums, it follows that TM Lighting, would welcome Bridget Riley at their TM Gallery.

Their latest exhibition Bridget Riley, Printed History created in partnership with Meakin + Parsons x Hannah Payne, elevates prints by the renowned British contemporary artist, covering a broad period from the 1960s to 2020.

The show is chronological nature whilst also looking at the output of prints by decade to give a broad visual representation over a 60-year period. 

Bridget Riley at TM Gallery
Carnival, 2000, by Bridget Riley at TM Gallery

Riley, now 92, is famed for her foundations in the Op Art movement producing optical illusions that challenge our perception and connect our feelings to what we see.

In this exhibition, TM Lighting's challenge was to be able to represent the colour accurately in Riley's works, a practise vital to the viewers ability to perceive the line and form authentically.

A typical lighting technique for contemporary art is to illuminate an entire wall evenly from floor to ceiling," says co-founder Andrew Molyneux, but we have overlaid a soft accentuation to each artwork to elevate the colour and vibrancy of Riley’s works."

Bridget Riley at TM Gallery
Untitled (based on Primitive Blaze), 1962, by Bridget Riley at TM Gallery