Arx Gallery Launches Outlined Exhibition

Words by
Lee Cassanell

5th July 2022

Modern artists breaking the mould. 

Arx gallery

The Arx Gallery latest exhibition Outlined features attention-grabbing, boldly pigmented canvases containing hidden meanings within their elements of line, texture, colour or form. 

The exhibition encourages viewers to read between the lines, breaking the mould of society’s teachings.

Featuring some exceptional artists from around the globe, Outlined runs from 28th June - 27th August 2022.


Multidisciplinary artist Delman lives and creates in Warsaw. Having graduated from the Academy of Fine Art Warsaw in Mirosław Bałka studio (2009-2014), he now works in the field sculptural figuration. 

BRITTY EM (Australia)

Britty Em creates bold large-scale acrylic pieces whose symbols and stories charm and challenge viewers through a combination of playfulness, nostalgia, and treatment of serious themes, including loneliness, consumerism, and the unseen facets of everyday life. 


Sebastian Riffo Montenegro’s ethos is to criticise consumer society and push beyond the boundaries of socially constructed beliefs. Working within a selective colour palette, the artist masters light, manipulating lucid colours into mysterious shapes. 


Each Reznitsky picture comprises two parts — visual and philosophical. Behind the bright Pop- Art colours and overt eroticism there is a hidden subtext illustrating the levels of modern society. 

ALEJANDRA SIEDER (Venezuelan-Spanish-Australian)

Alejandra Sieders’s monochromatic op-art is a distillation of personal memories and experiences into pure black and white geometry. Her audience is challenged, pushed outside the limits of their comfort zones.


Inspired by his childhood growing up in a rough north Montreal neighbourhood, painting on stolen construction scraps, foam boards and using leftover house paint from neighbours, the artist discovered thinking beyond the realms of traditional paint and canvas artworks.