Gouache to Glassware with Magritte x Lalique

Words by
Pippa Lowe

31st October 2023

The two René’s, although never having met, have come together in an artistic expression of glassware. Bringing the whimsical ideas of René Magritte’s artwork to crystal-clear tangibility in the form of René Lalique glasswork.

Magritte x Lalique - Le Prêtre Marié
Magritte x Lalique Le Prêtre Marié

Magritte’s pieces have a quirky yet dreamy aura to them. Perhaps it’s the repeated background of clouds or the outlandish images of apples sat in masquerade or giraffes peering out of the rim of a goblet, but the idea of combining such ideas with the hazy vision of glass seems fitting.

Magritte x Lalique - Bain de Cristal
Magritte x Lalique Bain de Cristal

'Bain de Cristal', visually known as the wine glass filled with the legs of a giraffe as opposed to the usual Pinot Grigio, has been crafted using a lost wax technique. Here the object begins as a hand-moulded wax model that is encased in plaster of Paris. The wax is then melted and drained leaving a detailed hollow where molten crystal is to be poured and set. The same traditionally-prized technique goes for the masked apples of 'Le Prêtre Marié'.

Magritte x Lalique - Le Bouchon D'Épouvante
Magritte x Lalique Le Bouchon D'Épouvante

The only of Magritte’s works to be both a painting and tangible object is his iconic bowler hat. The piece ‘Le Bouchon D’Épouvante’ (The Horror Cork) is now seen in solid Lalique crystal, for ‘usage externe’ only of course. Two years later came the creation of Magritte’s most famed piece, ‘La Trahison des images’.

Playfully lying to whoever would lay their eyes upon the pipe with its subheading stating ‘this is not a pipe’ in French. The piece is one of an influential series from Magritte contributing greatly to the history of art. Communicating the relationship between the words that designate certain objects and the images that represent them. The pipe was first unveiled at the Palace of Fine Arts in Brussels and is now a notable Magritte motif brought into third-dimension in Lalique crystal (misleading subheading included).

Magritte x Lalique - La Trahison des Images
Magritte x Lalique La Trahison des Images

Purchase enquires for the pieces, each finished with a Lalique engraving, can be made here.