Niege Borges on her first SPHERE cover

Words by
Sphere Editors

28th September 2022

For our latest illustrated cover, SPHERE have enlisted Brazilian visual artist Niege Borges. Based in Brooklyn, New York, she likes to portray women and gender-fluid people in her colourful, vibrant, playful work, and is very inspired by movement, fashion and her life as an immigrant. Her clients include Instagram, Apple, TikTok, Nike and Google.

What did you want to convey with your first SPHERE cover?
The idea was to show a little bit of an artist's process and how an artist can serve as inspiration
to others. A lot of different things inspire me, I just love to walk in New York or to go to museums to get inspired.

What techniques/methods do you use to produce your work?
I use Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop for my digital work. I also make acrylic and oil paintings.

What excites you about SPHERE?
I really like how the magazine is very art oriented, having several covers made by illustrators is really cool.

What is your top travel tip?
Travel slow to be able to enjoy a place like a local. What I miss most about Brazil is the people.

Where should SPHERE readers visit in New York?
Go to a drag show at 3 Dollar Bill, 
Brooklyn's Premiere Queer Bar and Performance Venue. 

What is your next project?
I’m planning on making a small batch of clothes with prints designed by me.

The new issue of SPHERE is now on sale.