Beyond the Fair: Must-See Spots Around Art Basel

Words by
Candice Tucker

13th June 2024

With Art Basel in full swing, Candice Tucker highlights the must-see activations both at the fair and throughout the city. From dynamic "living" exhibitions to the fusion of art and cocktails, Basel is brimming with captivating installations and groundbreaking showcases.

Campari's The Art Of Mixology'

Continuing its long history of collaborating with contemporary artists and creatives, Campari is the presenting ‘The Art of Mixology’ at the Davide Campari Lounge at Art Basel, Basel until Sunday 16th June.

Campari - a red bar with people around and Campari bottles everywhere
Installation images, Davide Campari Lounge at Art Basel in Basel, June 2024,

The display explores how senses interact with both art and cocktails, and how colour taste and culture can turn ingredients into experiences, highlighting the art of cocktail making.

Celebrating Campari’s second partnership with Art Basel in Basel, Galleria Campari and Magnum Photos will also present 'Bar Stories,' an exhibition curated by British photographer Martin Parr, a member of Magnum Photos since 1994.

Campari- black and white photos on a wall with hints of red
Installation images of works by Martin Parr, Davide Campari Lounge at Art Basel in Basel, June 2024,

First shown at Galleria Campari in Milan, 'Bar Stories' has been reimagined by Parr for the Davide Campari Lounge. The exhibition includes 25 photographs from the 1930s to the 2010s, 10 images from the Galleria Campari Historical Archives, and 15 iconic photographs by Magnum photographers, focusing on the vitality the bar world.

‘Body Promise’ by Mandy El-Sayegh at Clarastrasse Mall

Mandy El-Sayegh will debut a new installation and performance titled Body Promise. Set in the partially vacant Clarastrasse shopping mall, this work examines the flow of information and goods, aligning with this year's Parcours theme.

Mandy El-Sayegh - Two people in karate uniforms performing in front of a colourful wall
‘Body Promise’ by Mandy El-Sayegh

The former commercial space has become an immersive environment with layered printed materials on the walls and floors, large-scale paintings, video, and sound. The installation addresses the noise of urban messages, questioning information systems and language, and exploring how identity and meaning are formed.

Art Basel and UBS present Petrit Halilaj’s large scale installation

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of their partnership, UBS and Art Basel are co-presenting a public commission by Kosovo-born artist, Petrit Halilaj, installed on the façade of former Hotel Merian. Both visible during the day and illuminated at night, the installation titled, ‘When the sun goes away, we paint the sky’, represents hope for a better collective future.

Petrit Halilaj - a Grand Hotel with large stars sprawled across its exterior at night
Art Basel and UBS celebrate 30 years of Partnership with this installation by Petrit Halilaj entitled, 'When the sun goes away, we paint the sky’

The piece came about when Petrit Halilaj saw stars falling from a once prestigious hotel. Struck by the contrast between their grandeur and the hotel's decline, he decided to reassemble the stars, aiming to restore a sense of hope.

The installation will be available to view throughout the summer.

Fondation Beyeler’s Summer Show, ‘Echoes Unbound’

For the first time in its history, Fondation Beyeler, in partnership with LUMA Foundation has transformed its museum and surrounding park into the site of an experimental exhibition of contemporary art in a show titled ‘Echoes Unbound’.

Fondation Beyeler - a large pole with steam below it in a garden
Fondation Beyeler, Riehen/Basel, 2024 Philippe Parreno, Membrane, 2023, cybernetic structure with sensorimotor capabilities and generative language processing; courtesy of the artist © Philippe Parreno; Fujiko Nakaya, Untitled, 2024, Potable water, 600 Meefog nozzles, High pressure pump motor system, Courtesy of the artist, © Fujiko Nakaya. Photo: Mark Niedermann

Conceived as a “living organism” the show is supposed to evolve and change throughout its run, featuring works by artists, poets, architects, designers, musicians, composers, philosophers and scientists, alongside pieces from the museum collection.

The show is available to view until Sunday 11th August.

Art Basel in Basel is on until Sunday 16th June.

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