Book Of The week: A Guide To The Labrynth

Words by
Lee Cassanell

8th April 2022

A Trip Through The Doors of Jim Morrison’s Mind.

It’s been 51 years since James Douglas Morrison passed away in Paris at the age of 27.  Since then his reputation, and the reputation of the band he fronted, The Doors, has been up and down like the fly of his trousers on a Miami stage. Some still cast him as a pretty boy with moderate talent, a juvenile poet famous for excess and indecent exposure (Miami) as much as music. Others worship at the alter of the iconic demi-rock god declaring the majesty of his lyrical genius and seductive vocals to anybody in earshot that cares to listen.

Whichever way you roll, before his passing, Morrison proposed how this work might be published on a leaf of paper entitled 'Plan for Book'. Now, with the blessing of his Estate, Genesis (not the band) has produced a three-book, multimedia boxed set titled ‘A Guide Through the Labyrinth.’ Featuring 28 of Morrison’s personal notebooks compromised of his observations, unpublished lyrics, essays and scraps of verse. The collection also contains poems written on the backs of envelope and cocktail napkins, rare photographs, audio recordings and archive interviews with the man himself.  Exclusive text contributions have also been amassed from those who knew Jim or have been inspired by him, including bandmates John Densmore and Robby Krieger + musicians Alice Cooper, Perry Farrell, Billy Gibbons, Ian McCulloch, Iggy Pop, Carlos Santana and Grace Slick.

A limited edition of the book is also available signed by the surviving members of The Doors and containing a specially pressed 7" vinyl record.

A Guide to the Labyrinth, the new limited edition bookof Jim Morrison’s collected writings, is now available to order from