Tickets for Adele’s Vegas show are going for over £40,000

Words by
Andy Morris
Photography by
Simon Emmett

14th January 2022

Go easy on me, baby... said my credit card.

Seeing the most in demand pop performance on the planet comes at a cost. Tickets for Adele’s sold out concerts in Las Vegas are currently being resold on secondary ticketing sites for over £40,000 ($55,537) per seat - or approximately the fees of one million Spotify streams, if you’re a fellow musician.

Naturally this $55,537 ticket is particularly prized. It offers a third row position on the first night, unrestricted views and is so close to the stage that one imagine you could step in, like Alan Carr, if the situation requires it. For those looking to invest in the tickets, you need to be aware that although’s fees are included but it still comes at an additional restriction - these particular seats are only available as a pair.

In total you’d be looking at spending over £80,000 ($100,00) for one night’s entertainment - which even for Las Vegas is for high rollers only. If you see Julia Fox on a date with the artist formerly known as Kanye West for their next date, you’ll know he’s really keen.

Adele is set to perform the first of 24 shows in less than eight days. She is set to play from 21 January to 16 April at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace and sold 100,000 official tickets in six hours. The specific tickets that are currently on sale for £40,000 were originally sold at £464, an increase of 8600%.

Adele herself has tackled this problem of touts selling her tickets before. Ahead of  her 2016 tour of America, working with to help block 53,000 suspected scalpers from sourcing tickets.
 At the time, Jonathan Dickins, Adele's maganger said. “By selling the highest number of tickets we were able to through our own channels, and working with Songkick and their technology, we have done everything within our power to get as many tickets as possible in the hands of the fans who have waited for years to see her live.” 

Those British fans looking to see Adele later this year might take solace in the fact that tickets for her (sold out) shows at British Summertime are looking more more reasonable at £1,100 a ticket.