Must See TV For February

Words by
Lee Cassanell

8th February 2022

Fresh episodes to binge and classics you might have missed, here’s a rundown of the latest and greatest small screen shows - from a conflicted take on a legendary sex tape to the climax of Killing Eve, here's what you need to be streaming right now. 

Pam & Tommy
Morally questionable and sexually explicit, Pam and Tommy might not be to everyones taste but it’s a riveting and thoroughly entertaining slice of 90s nostalgia with an astounding turn by Lily James as Pamela Anderson. The less said about Tommy Lee's conversational penis the better.
Available on: Disney + 

Jack Reacher is back in the hulking form of Alan (The Hunger Games) Ritchson. Based on Lee Child’s first novel ‘The Killing Floor’, Reacher’s transfer to the world of episodic streaming allows more opportunity for character development and world building than Tom Cruise's cinema versions - plus Ritchson has seven inches height advantage on the diminutive TC. First seasons can be slow burners so bear with it, as the show might not hit its stride until season two. 
Available on: Amazon Prime 

The Marvellous Mrs. Maisel: Season 4
It was 2019 when season three of Mrs. Maisel dropped so it might be worth rewatching the finale to refresh your memory. For those who haven’t had the pleasure, this tale of a 1950s standup comedian is endlessly rewarding: not least in the trailer where Rachel Brosnahan's character declares, "You know what's great about me? It's when I'm me. Every single show, I'm going to say exactly what's on my mind."
Available on: Amazon Prime 18th February. 

Killing Eve: Season Four
It’s the final season of BBC’s award-winning thriller and although some might be suffering from Eve fatigue, we all want to see how the show wraps up. Jodie Comer’s turn has catapulted her to Hollywood A-List but whether she can shake the spectre of the Villanelle, only time will tell. Frankly one major reason to watch is seeing the brilliant Camille Cottin (aka Andrea Martel in Call My Agent) back on our screens.
Available on: BBC 27th February.

Released to critical acclaim, Dopesick proved that Disney + has more to offer than superheroes and Star Wars. Based on the true story of the Oxycontin drug crisis in America, this is a sometimes heavy but always human tale of one small town’s battle with addiction and big pharma. Prepare to be moved, shocked and seething with anger. 
Available on: Disney +

JFK Revisited: Through the Looking Glass
30 years on from his conspiracy epic, JFK, Oliver Stone returns to mull over new information and old theories surrounding the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Those looking for answers won’t find any here and it might be a little hard work for anyone with a casual interest in the subject, but if you know your grassy knoll from your book depository, JFK Revisited is essential viewing. 
Available on: Now TV 

When it was first released back in 2017, many people failed to get through the slow-paced and slightly tedious first season of Ozark, but those that put in the hours were rewarded by a great season two and an exceptional season three. Often (lazily) compared to Breaking Bad, this tale of a money laundering family has more twists and turns than a sidewinder rattlesnake. The first episodes of the final season were released in January with the remainder arriving later in the year. Worth a watch for Laura Linney’s murderous staring gaze alone.
Available on: Netflix

The Walking Dead
If you gave up on The Walking Dead long ago nobody could blame you. Now midway through the eleventh and final season, the show has often suffered from too many characters to care about and more zombie invasions of encampments to shake a rotting arm at. Still, despite the repetition the quality of the show has always shone through and it still has the ability to shake you to your core and tug on your heartstrings. Those that left the band of post-apocalypse wanderers might want to pick up where they left off... and for those that have stayed the course, the salivation starts here. 
Available on: Disney + 21st February.