New West End Theatre Will Open Autumn 2022. 

Words by
Lee Cassanell

25th July 2022

Soho Place is part of the new Tottenham Court Road regeneration project. 


soho place

The first newly constructed West End theatre in 50 years, Soho Place, will open in Autumn 2022 with the first production to be announced soon.

Owned by producer and theatre owner Nica Burns and operated by Nimax, the theatre features a 602-seat auditorium configured in-the-roun and is adjacent to the site of the old Astoria theatre which was demolished to build Crossrail. The theatre is part of a £300m regeneration project in the area which will see offices, retail space and a new piazza built.

"I wanted to create a theatre which could add a different dimension to our vibrant West End landscape," said Burns.

"I asked our greatest theatre creatives two questions: If we could build a new theatre in the heart of the West End, what would you like it to be? What additional facilities would be on your wish list? The incredible team of engineers pulled off the greatest of structural feats, building over a major underground transport hub - a challenging place to build a theatre - achieving perfect acoustics and no vibrations."

The theatre industry struggled during the pandemic with shows cancelled due to lockdown restrictions and staff illness but Ms Burns has hope for the future. 

"The pandemic years have been terrible, so let's look forward to something and just enjoy it."