Dior Maison adds grandeur to Games Night

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12th February 2024

Dior Maison has tailored its latest offering to games night with the release of a luxury poker set, backgammon board and playing cards. All honing classic design elements of the fashion house, from Dior Oblique to Mr. Dior's lucky star. Let's get rollin'.

Games night. The competitive gathering can mean something different to everyone. To some it’s the recurring memory of a sibling nicking your Monopoly cash from across the table when you weren't looking, or it’s falling over your friends in Twister as kids and again as wine-fuelled adults. Then to others, it’s an opportunity to transform your living room into The Mirage. Classics only, anything Hasbro tucked away in the cupboard. Martinis shaken in the corner as poker faces are plastered on and playful seriousness clouds over. As if close friends are strangers and stakes are high.

Christian Dior himself admitted in his memoirs that he had a weakness for cards and the mysteries they held. The couturier's love for a good game has led Dior Maison to release a series of oblique-embellished items, from playing cards to backgammon sets, adding a touch of grandeur to any games (or casino) night.

Dior Maison Games Night - playing cards
Dior playing cards case, £1,650

This pair of card decks unveiled by Dior are emblazoned with a design by Pietro Ruffo, reflecting the facade of the 30 Montaigne boutique. Available in Powder Pink and Red Dior Oblique, the card packs are neatly stored in embellished cases for safe keeping.

Dior Maison Games Night - Red Dior Oblique
Playing cards case in Red Dior Oblique

Mirroring the iconic designs of the Dior Book Tote, a modern staple in the fashion house, is this Dior Maison Backgammon. Available in both leather and embroidered, where there is a choice between Dior Oblique and Toile de Jouy designs. One has as much choice selecting a luxe backgammon as with shopping for a new designer handbag. The details here are remarkable. Each piece in the two sets of fifteen are engraved with Dior's lucky star, with a power pink drawing found on the small leather version. Complete with two pairs of dice, a doubling cube and two dice shakers - this sophisticated board has you set to play.

Dior Maison Games Night - backgammon
Large embroidered backgammon in Blue Toile de Jouy, £3,600

The poker set shares a similar blue and beige Dior Oblique design to the Backgammon. Including two sets of the Pietro Ruffo-designed playing cards and chips in six different colours. Each engraved with Mr. Dior's lucky star. Known to represent chance, boldness and freedom - we can only hope the star is as lucky as it claims to be...

Dior Maison Games Night - Poker set
Poker set in Beige and Navy Blue Dior Oblique, £3,500

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