Discover Portofino with Jack Savoretti

Words by
Jack Savoretti

19th July 2023

Discover Portofino with Jack Savoretti, as he takes you through the cobbled streets, piazzas and turquoise bays of his favourite place in the world. 

Jack Savoretti and was baptised in the beautiful Italian Riviera town of Portofino, and spent all of his childhood summers there. The singer returns time and again with his family to unwind, revisiting the happy days of his youth, and the local favourite spots that will stay with him for life. As he prepares to headline Kew the Music on the 13th July, Jack invites you to discover his Portofino.

Discover Portofino with Jack Savoretti

I normally live in the Cotswolds and I’ve toured around the world, but... my heart belongs in Portofino.  It's the neighbourhood that watched me grow up.

Musically it inspires... a combination of melancholy, hope and romance.  It's one of the most beautiful places on earth, with inspiration found around every corner. It’s impossible for it not to inspire you. 

Discover Portofino with Jack Savoretti
Splendido, A Belmond Hotel

I always stay at... Splendido, A Belmond Hotel.  To me it’s one of the most beautiful and timeless buildings in the world, with views that simply don't compare.

I always start any time I spend in Portofino by... heading to Panificio Canale on Via Roma for a piece of focaccia.  It is run by Mariangela and her brother Giorgio, they have been selling focaccia to my family for four generations now.

Discover Portofino with Jack Savoretti
Panificio Canale

My perfect day in Portofino involves... a coffee in the main piazza and then taking a boat out to either San Fruttuoso or Paraggi.  They are two of the most beautiful bays in the world. San Fruttuoso can only be reached by boat and the sea of Paraggi is a deep emerald green like no other. 

Discover Portofino Jack Savoretti
Paraggi, Portofino

An evening in Portofino always starts with... an aperitivo in the piazza, before dinner at I Gemelli, followed by a night cap with Mauro at Bar Jolly

Discover Portofino with Jack Savoretti
A glimpse of a night in Portofino with Jack Savoretti

When I'm away from Portofino... I am still able to carry a slice of it with me always.  I have recently partnered with IWC on its Portofino collection and its Chronograph watch is a permanent fixture on my wrist.  Plus the case back features an engraving of the harbour in Portofino, which includes the church where I was baptised.

For a truly Portofino experience I always recommend friends to go to... Taverna del Marinaio or Trattoria ConcordiaYou can’t come to Portofino and not walk up to Chiesa San Giorgio and look at the view.  It’s totally unique as on one side you can see the open sea and on the other side you look down onto the iconic port and town of Portofino.

My favourite new thing to do in Portofino is... to go to private Villa Pudel (owned by the founders of Portofino Gin) and enjoy a Portofino Gin & Tonic whilst watching the sun go down over the Gulf of Tigullio.

Discover Portofino with Jack Savoretti
A Portofino Gin and Tonic

My guiltiest pleasure is... eating gelato whilst roaming the cobbled streets of Portofino.

The upcoming project I’m most excited about is... my next album which I've been writing and recording in Italy over the past year.

Discover Portofino with Jack Savoretti
Kew the Music, Kew Gardens

The next thing on my mind is... Kew The Music.  Six nights of picnic concerts held annually in the beautiful surrounds of Kew Gardens, I am headlining on Thursday 13th July.

Portofino Gin

Watch Jack Savoretti's One Night in Portofino to put you in the mood, and book your tickets now Jack Savoretti, Kew the Music