The Macallan Oakley flask

Words by
Sphere Life

16th March 2013

Oakley and The Macallan team up to design "The Flask".

There was a day when a flask was a secret, something to be hidden in a deep coat pocket and sipped from covertly in the shadows. But thanks to a recent limited-edition collaboration between Oakley and The Macallan, the flask is no longer something to be concealed. It’s a loud, raucous, 21-and-over celebration of technical design and discerning taste.

Made with food-grade steel, carbon fiber and aerospace-grade aluminum, The Flask is more than a vessel; it’s a statement. To help back up this statement, Discommon Concepts and Armed Bandit Media collaborated to bring you the “Test Sessions”.

The team behind The Flask felt that traditional lab-based product testing didn’t quite match the work that went into producing the product so after a few well-placed phone calls to some friends, the sessions were set in motion. The findings were pretty spectacular… and one Flask was almost destroyed during the course of testing — but the whisky inside it was not. Result!

Purchase your own flask from The Macallan