Bollinger debuts new Champagne with a Bollinger PN cuvée

Words by
Charlotte McManus

21st July 2020

Made from 100% pinot noir, the just-launched PN VZ15 marks the first in a new series for the Champagne house and will be added to the permanent Bollinger range

As the first fizz to be added to Champagne Bollinger's permanent offering in 12 years, unsurprisingly, Bollinger PN launched with no small amount of hype. It is also the first in a new collection of wines from the house, with each release acting as a sophisticated reinvention of a different cru taken from the base year. 

Leading the charge, the first cuvée showcases the unique expression of the VZ15, a 2015 Verzenay pinot noir. Crafted exclusively from pinot noir  - Bollinger's signature grape - and developed over a number of years, this Blanc de Noirs's unique taste was made using a blend of the very best varietal from several terroirs. 



Bollinger debuts new Champagne with the Bollinger PN cuvée

While reserve wines from Aÿ, Bouzy and Tauxières feature (the oldest dating from 2009), it's the Verzenay 2015 vintage that sits at the heart of the VZ15, giving the PN the remarkable depth and saline finish typical to pinot noirs from the Verzenay terroir. 

On the nose, aromas of fig, cherry stone jam-infused fruit transform into more toasted, complex notes and hints of pear and elderflower, while rich flavours of peach, apricot, hazelnut and acacia blossom manifest on the palate.