Raise A Glass To Celebrate A Brighter Summer

Words by
Andy Morris

15th June 2022

As the Mercury rises, pick the best cocktails and celebratory glasses for longer summer days. From a champagne fit for a Queen to a cracking New England ale, here are our picks...

Rosé ‘A’ at Il Giardino at The Berkeley
An elegant, delicate Italian rosé, sublime as the sun goes down, surrounded by the splendour of The Berkeley’s new Italian alfresco garden. Lined with fragrant herb plants and olive trees, enjoy with fabulous fritto misto and roasted wild sea bass.
£19 per glass. the-berkeley.co.uk

1960 Royal at Laurel’s On The Roof
Launching a LA style roof terrace was always a risk in inclement London but the Mondrian has managed the near impossible and delivered with the best quality hang since the launch of the Ned. Try the 1960 Royal, combining Bacardi Bianca, Veuve Clicquot and lemon verbena. An impossibly chic way to get sozzled.
£14.50, sbe.com

Moet Chandon Platinum Jubilee Magnum

Moët & Chandon Limited-Edition Platinum Jubilee Celebration Bottles
Celebrate HM Queen Elizabeth’s seven decades on the throne with these limited edition bottles that will delight the most demanding street party (particularly if you bring out the jeroboam). Given that the French champagne house has already celebrated with coronation cuvées of King Edward VII, George V and George VI as well as Queen Elizabeth herself, accept no substitute.
From £43. Moet.com

“The Dirty Shirley”
According to the New York Times (and millions of viewers on TikTok) this is the drink of the summer: a grown up take on the Shirley Temple, complete with a slug of vodka, multiple maraschino cherries, Sprite and grenadine.

Spring is in the Air at the Savoy
Harry Craddock first made this in 1934, using a long forgotten ingredient called ‘Hercules’ (a wine based aperitif). Now thanks to the efforts of hospitality expert Anna Sebastian, the drink has returned to the Savoy - and London's Portobello Distillery have recreated Hercules in a more sustainable fashion.

£20. thesavoy.com

The Invisible
According to Punch, this cocktail is known by many names: the Italian Long Island Ice Tea, the Quatro Bianchi, The Invisible or, if you prefer, “the cocktail for the ignorant” .Given the universal adoration of the Negroni, could this be next?  After one, you’ll feel fabulous. After a second, it resembles the memory wiping device from Men In Black.

Kolhambra Cocktail

Hiriketiya High cocktail at Kolamba
In this bustling Sri Lanka spot, this is a tart palette cleanser (using tequila, lime, agave and curry leaf), is simply sensational. Ideally? Pair with a bowl of hot butter cuttlefish and the softest, most flavourful sorbet in the city right now.
£11. kolamba.co.uk

Space Hardware

From the brilliant Bristol brewers Arbor, 'Space Hardware’ is a New England style IPA “sharing can” (pause for laughter). Cloudy, hoppy, juicy, delicious.

The Smoke & Fire at Burger & Lobster
Although best known for their luxury comfort food and powerful rum punches, we've been particularly impressed by this sophisticated summer favourite from high-end comfort food specialists Burger & Lobster. Combining Mezcal Verde, Grand Marnier, lime juice, agave and pink grapefruit juice, it is nothing short of a tart triumph. Order with a lobster roll and truffle chips for the optimum effect.