Five Minutes with Wiggy Hindmarch

Words by
Melanie Rickey & Wiggy Hindmarch

14th July 2023

London, The Hamptons, Harbour Island… SPHERE takes five minutes with Wiggy Hindmarch, founder of Wiggy Kit, the queen of seamless and timeless international summer dressing. 

Wiggy Kit is one of those brands that flies under the radar. And then boom, you discover it exists and realise those dresses you've seen your friends wearing on Instagram, the ones you covet, but assume are vintage or a few seasons old due to their timelessness, are in fact real-time, entirely possible fashion finds.

What makes this label work so well is that its designer, Wiggy Hindmarch, who'll you'll meet below, really agonises over making pieces that will work equally well for a city or holiday setting, this to answer a problem she faced when she had two separate sets of clothes for summer in London, and summer on holiday. If you're looking to update your summer wardrobe with clothes that will serve you for years, you may just have found them. 

Five Minutes with Wiggy Hindmarch
The Eden Dress, £415, is designed to be worn with the top button undone, and is also available in blue.

Five Minutes with Wiggy Hindmarch

My given name is Philippa and got the name Wiggy as a mispronounce of Pippa... Some people do still call me Pippa, but the majority of people only know me as Wiggy. And yes, I am related to Anya Hindmarch! I’m married to her younger brother, William.

When I first launched Wiggy Kit in 2015, it was in response to the realisation I had two separate summer wardrobes, a sparse one for London, and the other for exotic holidays... neither could be inter-changed so I decided to create a brand that answered this conundrum.

Some of my favourite and most worn pieces in the collection are the dresses and sets…  I often wear the Eden dress as I find it is the perfect balance of femininity and style, and the way it is pieced and stitched shapes the silhouette. I always have my quilted fully reversible jacket, close at hand, for chillier days or evenings.  

Five Minutes with Wiggy Hindmarch
Haberdashers Shirt, £295, made from crisp linen chambray the shirt is designed to have an understated slouchy sensuality. Its matching shorts, £225, are designed for people who don't wear shorts, and appear to be more like a mini-skirt.

For summer I recommend everyone try theHaberdashers shirt in blue linen chambray with the matching shorts aimed at people who hate shorts. Worn together, it is such a cool effortless look for holidays, the shirt is long enough to throw over a bikini.

Recently in America, I was stopped at least 15 or 20 times a day by passers-by… It’s always nice to be able to surprise them when I tell them it is my own brand.

I develop all Wiggy Kit prints from antique remnants of fabrics...  and I agonize for hours over the correct Pantone colour to be super flattering  on all skin, tones and types.

Five Minutes with Wiggy Hindmarch
Wiggy Hindmarch wearing her Ekberg Dress, £415, which comes in an enlarged red gingham pattern and can be dressed up or day from day to evening.

My favourite place to travel to in the world is… Harbour island in the Bahamas, as we have a house there which is pure magic.

This summer I will be in…Harbour Island as well as East Hampton. It will be my first time in the Hamptons and I cannot wait. We will be with friends so I know that they will introduce me to all the best places.

I am lucky to have a fully stocked wardrobe each season from Wiggy Kit, but for summer I always mix in… the newest pair of Céline sunglasses, flat sandals by K Jacques and Emme Parsons and a few heels from Aquazurra.  I love Fella Swim for my bikinis,. I only ever buy the Rick James bottom style. Often I will also add in some statement earrings from Rebecca De Ravenel.

Five Minutes with Wiggy Hindmarch
Wiggy loves Bahamaian by way of Paris designer Rebecca De Ravenal's earrings for summer.

I always take a carry-on with me, and as you may not be too surprised to find it is by Anya Hindmarch! Her “In-Flight” bag is the absolute best… with endless pockets that are labelled to keep you well organised in the airport and on the flight. I have bought it as a gift for many people who think it’s the best thing they have ever owned.

When I’m not designing, you’ll find me…Watching endless American comedy. I’m currently Rewatching all of the Seinfeld series.

Five Minutes wIth Wiggy Hindmarch
Wiggy never travels without the "In Flight" bag, £695, by her sister-in-law, Anya Hindmarch, which is made using the regenerated Nylon fibre Econyl.

My favourite music tends to be pre 2000… a typical playlist features Van Morrison, John Mayer, 80s hip-hop, and Lauryn Hill.

My guiltiest pleasure is… salty and fatty foods, such as fish and chips, Cheetos flaming hot, cheese and salami, all washed down with a fine champagne!

The next question on my mind is…now where did I put those champagne glasses?

Wiggy Kit

Five Minutes with Wiggy Hindmarch
Wiggy Kit's full reversible quilted jacket, £395, travels with the designer wherever she goes.