Quentin Blake Whisky Labels - Livingstone and Elixir Distillers

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15th August 2023

A spiritual collaboration: Livingstone and Elixir Distillers. Explore the new Macbeth whisky series released by this distillery pairing with collectible labels drawn by none other than Quentin Blake.

Sphere Shorts - Macbeth drawings by Quentin Blake
Macbeth drawings by Quentin Blake

Collectible labels have become big business in the world of wine and spirits. One of the most covetable new bottlings in the Macbeth whisky series from Livingstone and Elixir Distillers, with illustrations by Quentin Blake that represent 42 characters from Shakespeare's play.

Livingstone X Elixir Distillers - Single Malt Whiskys
The single malt whiskys of the collection, the Bloody Sergeant (rated best single malt of 2023 by Elle) and Seyton

The bloody sergeant (£95) has been rated the best single malt whisky of 2023 and as for the intricate illustrations, "the characters leap off the page with a messy energy, emotion and humour that's impossible to mistake" says Alice Lascelles of The Financial Times. 

Livingstone X Elixir Distillers
The Macbeth Collection by Livingstone and Elixir Distillers

The ambrosial liquids these beautiful bottles contain include The Leads (regal malts), The Ghosts (whiskies from ghost distilleries) and The Murderers (from island distilleries). Chin Chin!

Learn more about and shop the Macbeth whisky series.