Best Ways to Spend a Day in London with your Mother in 2024

Words by
Pippa Lowe

28th February 2024

Mother's Day, any day. We can't all be with our mothers in person this March 10th, so Pippa Lowe has selected some of the best ways to spend a day in London with your mother this 2024. Whether that be heading for a manicure and a mimosa on the Sunday as planned or booking a ballet in for the summertime.

To me, the arrival of Mother’s Day is the signifier that spring has officially sprung. Rushing to send bouquets of rainbow tulips to your family home address and scribbling on the inside of pastel cards. Sending first class with the hopes it’ll get there on the Saturday! When this panic set in, snowdrops bud on patches of green and evenings run longer and brighter – spring has sprung. Although Mother’s Day sits in the springtime, this year on March 10th, that doesn’t mean you must only organise to do something special with your mum on that designated day.

It may be the case that you can’t even spend Mother’s Day any closer than a FaceTime call. Maybe stolen away to the city for the job you moved away for in your twenties - yet to return to the front-lawned world of suburbia. Or perhaps you are in the position in life where you both have your mother and are a mother yourself, facing the struggle of organising all the generations in the same place on that one Sunday. You may also find that the one thing your mum would absolutely love isn’t on in March, in fact it’s not on till autumn. Here we’ve brought together some of the best ways to spend a day in London with your mother in 2024. Either as something to pencil in for later and look forward to with anticipation or to book for the Sunday as one traditionally would. We strove for flexibility this year, and you can too – it's never too late in the year to celebrate your mum.

For the Vase-always-full Mother

Flowers get one of their main moments of the year at Mother’s day, a close runner-up to Valentine’s. There are mothers who I'm calling the vase-always-full mothers. Who always ensure a bouquet of fresh flowers is sat in their home, front and centre. These mums always enjoy receiving a bouquet (who wouldn't) but mainly to then have the satisfaction of removing the leaves, trimming each stem meticulously with diagonal cuts and arranging however they wish. A fun alternative to gifting a bouquet is having them make the bouquet with you - because after all, it's the organising they enjoy most. 

McQueens Flower School in Mayfair allows you to come in and play florist for a half day to a full day. Guided by expert tutors who will impart their blooming floral knowledge, you can then put together a gorgeous high-end bouquet creatively curated by you. Hand-tied, perfectly-finished and ready for the vase.  

Explore McQueens Flower School workshops here.

For the jewellery-box Mother

I have fond memories as a child digging through my mum’s jewellery boxes in awe. Polished wood lined with cushion and embellished with lilac sequins - filled with random knick-knacks and the most stunning earrings left lonesome with their matching pair having been lost years ago. This was an activity of wonder. Thinking where each piece came from and what journey it had been on before being banished to the box. Losing one earring out of a pair is frustrating. Losing a whole necklace or bracelet, however, is arguably more devastating. For these jewellery-box mothers, consider getting a matching new piece with them that can’t be lost.

Atelier VM, located in Liberty London, specialise in the increasingly popular concept of welded bracelets. The eternal strands of 18k gold are a part of their L'Essenziale collection. Where you can select weight and colour before the clasp-free bracelet is seamlessly welded around your wrist. The jewellery is encouraged to be fitted matching with another person as a symbol of a memory or bond. Although deemed as permanent, this isn't the same extremity as going for a matching tattoo with your mother as the bracelet can be removed if needs be!

Learn more about Atelier VM L'Essenziale welded bracelets here.


For the Candle-Crazed Mother

Ways to spend a day in London with your Mother - Yougi Candlemaking
Add a different candle to the collection with a Yougi candle making workshop

Lavender dreams, pumpkin spice, citrus blossom, musky cedarwood… If an abundance of these names sit upon kitchen counters and side tables in your family home – you may have a candle-crazed mother on your hands. Botanical brand, Yougi, run candle making workshops from their Shoreditch studio to have you bring home a candle different to any other in your mother's collection. Led by the brand’s very own founder, Emily Lynam, the workshop will allow you to develop your own bespoke candle scent. Perfectly matched to you and your space. All materials used are completely natural, cruelty-free and ethically sourced which is a huge plus. Giving you peace of mind that the candle you walk away with will be simply clean burning.

Learn more and book a Yougi candle making workshop here.

For the Chick-Flick Mother

Ways to spend a day in London with your Mother - Devil Wears Prada
The Devil Wears Prada Musical at The Dominion Theatre, coming October 2024

The click-clack of Miranda Priestly's Louboutins are strutting onto stage at The Dominion Theatre this October. The Devil wears Prada, what a classic. A favourite of my mum’s along with the bottomless stock of chick-flicks and rom-coms I grew up with on the television. Pretty Woman, Clueless, anything Hugh Grant and, of course, this beloved tale featuring a fashionably demanding Meryl Streep. Now coming to the West End in musical form, it is sure to prove a treat for all the chick-flick obsessed mothers out there and the children she raised watching them.

Learn more and book tickets for The Devil Wears Prada Musical here.

For the Cultured-and-Classy Mother

Ways to spend a day in London with your Mother - Swan Lake
Swan Lake, running at the Royal Opera House between March 6th and June 28th 2024

For an enchanting outing with a mum who enjoys a touch of culture and class - the synchronised angelic tutus of Swan Lake are returning to the Royal Opera House this spring. Running again from the 6th March until the 28th June, we recommend booking in soon to avoid landing dizzying seats up in the gods. Drifting away from daily worries and losing themselves in the romance and drama of a Tchaikovsky classic is just what some mothers need.

Learn more and book tickets for Swan Lake at the Royal Opera House here.

For the Mother with Artistic Flair

A doodle and a daiquiri - sounds enticing. Pinot + Picasso, with a studio on Shoreditch High Street, are home to therapeutic sessions of Paint & Sip. Which is, as it’s named, painting on a canvas whilst sipping on a drink of choice. With different classes aiming to produce different pieces of art, from textured palette knife petals to vibrant lemons and even neon night sessions where your paintings glow to life under UV lights. A wine-fuelled afternoon of painting is an easy-win for mothers looking to show off any artistic flair (and would be one entertaining social activity I’m sure).

Explore and book Paint & Sip sessions at Pinot + Picasso Shoreditch here.

For the Gin & Tonic Mother

‘It’s time for a Gin and Tonic’, said at least 50% of mothers ever. There’s a reason half of the Mother’s Day gifts you see online are gin themed. Whether that be a discovery set of minis or a bulbous goblet saying ‘Mum’s G&T Glass” across the front. Gin and Tonics, although loved by many, are notoriously loved by mums. This is fact. Mr Fogg's Gin Parlour, one of the wonderfully whimsical Mr Fogg bars dotted across London, offers a Gin Safari to explore gin to a new level (safari hats and all). The experience runs every Saturday and Sunday so could be booked conveniently for Mother's Day. Embarking on a journey gaining new-found gin knowledge and mixology skills in the midst of the parlour's collection of over 230 gins. 

Learn more and book a Gin Safari at Mr Fogg's Gin Parlour, Covent Garden, here.

For the Monthly-Manicure Mother

Iris Avenue, the boutique nail and beauty salon in Fitzrovia, may encourage any monthly-manicure mothers to step out the comfort zone of their regular frenchies. The differences between Iris Avenue and other nail salons don’t stop at the intricate nail art from the steady-handed artists. There’s also a chic granite bar attached serving coffee and drinks. Mimosas served straight to your right hand as gel polish cures on your left - that’s real luxury. The question is whether one would class this as a nail salon in a bar or a bar in a nail salon… either or, the combo is as convenient as it is dangerous. Not to mention you can have any design your imagination desires, from chrome raindrops to watercolour florals as pictured. Mum’s going to love it.

Learn more and book appointments at Iris Avenue, Fitzrovia, here.

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