8 Most Adventurous Ways to spend Leap Day in London

Words by
Pippa Lowe

26th February 2024

2024 is a leap year, meaning we have an extra day to spend at our disposal. Pippa Lowe has selected eight of the most adventurous ways to spend Leap Day in London, from trapeze classes to surprise concerts and a 24K gold facial to hit reset on your skin.

Imagine you have an extra day a year to spend however you wanted. Well, you do, unfortunately only every four years. Making it all the more special! This year, 2024, is a leap year for those who weren’t aware. Meaning that the 29th February is peeking back out from hidden calendar pages once again. For some, they are unique enough to call this their birthday, meaning they only age every four years (on paper). A lot of us forget the fact that this day has been gifted to us all together, a whole 366th day. A day where you can afford to take risks and be daring. An opportunity to book in those activities where you turned to your friend and said, ‘hey let’s do that!’, but you never did. When you really think about it, an entire 24 hours on top of what we already have is quite special. The question is how to spend it wisely.

We’ve selected eight different adventurous ways to spend Leap Day in London. Some more low-key or tailored to the foodies, others taking a leap (literally) or activities that you might’ve never thought to do in London. From gaining a new perspective of the twinkling skyline we all know and treasure, to, in the words of The Jam, going underground. We understand that the 29th falls on a Thursday so is not going to be a free pass for everyone. If this is the case, feel free to stick this additional day mentally behind glass. 'To be broken in need of a free day', whenever in the remainder of 2024 you feel that you may need it. Now without further ado, let's leap in.


Best for an adrenaline rush

Leaping out of an aircraft would be the ultimate way to spend Leap Day for anybody craving an adrenaline rush. To keep it closer to home (as in, Earth) iFly at the O2 offers the perfect taster pack for new flyers. Kick-start (£49 per person) gives great introductory value, full equipment hire and most importantly the equivalent free-fall time of three real skydives. To really pack the practice into just one day before hopping out of a real plane.

Take a dive (or leap) this 29th February. Book tickets and explore all first-time flying options here.

Best for a 360 Skyline View

Ways to spend Leap Day London - lift 109 view
The view from the top of Lift 109

Although heading to a viewpoint and staring down on the city is nothing new, this viewing experience is. Lift 109 shoots guests up to the top of Battersea Power Station’s north-west chimney. Up through dazzling rings of neon light to a seamless 360 surround view of London’s skyline, unlike any other in the city. After taking in the sights up top, you can make a day of it. Perhaps indulging in some retail therapy at the ever-growing hub of shops that Battersea Power Station now has to offer. A tamer way to spend Leap Day, whilst still taking to new heights and exploring one of London's budding social hotspots.

Learn more and book tickets for Lift 109 here.

Ways to spend Leap Day London - Lift 109 Chimney
Inside the the chimney lift experience at Lift 109

Best for a Skin Reset

Granted an extra day, I am sure relaxation is on the cards for many of us – but you can still be adventurous with relaxation and try a new facial. The Glow Getter facial (£600) from Dr Paris Acharya, has made quite the name for itself in recent years after being dubbed a celebrity go-to. So, what is the process? To start, this is a highly personalised facial. Different for every client. Dr Paris concocts a personalised blend of ingredients to aid your skin needs, otherwise known as a ‘skin cocktail’. This can include goodness from vital vitamins to hyaluronic and amino acids, boosting collagen production and rejuvenating skin. The skin cocktail is delivered to your skin through 24K gold-plated micro-needles to permeate deep and reap instantaneous results. The procedure has little downtime; however, you may experience some redness that will disappear by morning (lucky that it’s on an extra day). Waking up to skin that has been reset to glassy and glowing.

Learn more about Dr Paris Aesthetics and book here.

For more luxury treatments, check out our article on London's Best Spas

Best for Curious Foodies

Around the world in 20 tastes? What better place to take on such a challenge than Borough Market. Home to over 100 diverse stalls, many of which provide samples before you commit. We challenge the curious foodies out there to try foods from 20 different countries, including at least one new food this Leap Day. Whether a food market fanatic just trying a new filling in their taco, or somebody who usually keeps it simple attempting to expand their culinary knowledge. To give you a head-start, we recommend heading to Padre for a touch of Mexican, Khanom Krok for some Thai and Gastronomica for a bit of artisanal Italian. Ready, set, sample!

Learn more about Borough Market here, and be sure to check out our article on Best London Food Markets.

Best for a hands-on Challenge

The mind-bending challenges of an escape room are breaking down walls and running in the streets of central London. The most recent of the real-world interactive games from HiddenCity and EON Productions is 007: Shadow of Spectre. Drawing you and your team into the action-packed world of James Bond in a treasure-hunt style adventure across London – guided by your phone. Decisions made as you go can tweak the outcome of your own personal game, as you work towards answers with digital guidance from Moneypenny and Q. Forcing you to put heads together, solve clues and engage in real interactions to fulfil the trail of tasks. A thrilling experience that puts your problem-solving skills to the test and even blurs the lines of reality. Sadly, no joyrides in spy-enhanced Aston Martins are included.

Learn more and purchase tickets here and browse HiddenCity’s other real-life immersive games here.

Best for Below Ground

Hidden London, the award-winning tours brought to us from the London Transport Museum, guide you through the London Underground – not as you know it. As deserted and forgotten, an unfamiliar sight for Londoners who rarely see platforms without packs of workers with 9am starts. From lost tunnels of Euston station still pasted with untouched 60’s advertisements, to the eerie abandoned platforms of Aldwych. These unseen parts of the city have been preserved in time. A different way to explore London's history, on the flip side of where you'd usually go to find it. 

Learn more about the upcoming Hidden London Tours and book tickets here.

Best for Music Discovery

Mystery musicians, hmm. This one is for those who, like me, yearn for live music whatever it may be. Low-key R&B, jazz or even a big name from the charts. You never know what, or where, you’re going to get with Sofar Sounds. Simply pick a date and book a ticket for your location. Up until 36 hours before the concert, the venue is a secret, with only vital information and the nearest tube station made known to ticketholders. The artists, however, are revealed the moment they enter the stage. When I say venue, I’m not necessarily talking about your usual sticky-floored underground live music spot. The places where the concerts are held have ranged from a treehouse in Shoreditch to a high-ceiling Hampstead church. You truly never know what you’re in for, that’s the fun of it.

Next week, on Leap Day (29th February), are performances in Old Street and Hackney. Book tickets and browse other upcoming London performances here.

Best for a New Skill

Calling anyone whose aim is to be a Jack of all trades and use their extra day to get started on a fresh skill. Here we’re talking more daring than a pottery or painting class… more along the lines of flying through the air in a leotard. Flying Fantastic, with studios in Union Street and Peckham, allows you to try your hand at circus arts with aerial and trapeze classes. Whether trying it out for the day and coming away with some new abilities (and a sudden urge to rewatch the Greatest Showman), or undertaking a full course to get on track to being a real pro.

Leap Day is the day to take hold of the silks and be risky, explore classes here to give it a try.