SPHERE Curates: London's Best Spas

Words by
Bo Frampton

7th November 2022

To celebrate National Spa Week, SPHERE curates London's most luxurious spas, highlighting the unique qualities of each. This guide ensures, that no matter what you're looking for, from de-stressing, to grounding, balancing, or rejuvenation, there is something here for you.

Claridges New Day Spa, for Rejuvenation and Serenity

Claridges new day spa might be located in the frenzied streets of Mayfair, but inside this Japanese-temple inspired space, all is pure tranquility.

On entering the spa, a silky kimono is pressed into your hands, and following a ceremonial foot wash, you'll start off your spiritual cleanse. Choose from a wide array of treatments, including their ‘Body Detox and Sculpt’ at £280, a transformative slimming and sculpting treatment that targets areas such as the thighs, abdomen and upper arms,  which will leave you feeling rejuvenated and completely at ease. Following up you can visit the renowned Josh Wood for a full transformation, including hair, nails, and body wax.

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Email: [email protected]

Guests receive a Japanese kimono to wear at The Claridges Day Spa

Guests receive a Japanese kimono to wear at The Claridges Day Spa

Guests receive a Japanese kimono to wear at The Claridges Day Spa
AIRE Ancient Baths, for Hydrotherapy and Ancient Water Rituals

If a soothing hot bath is how you de-stress at the end of a long day, look no further; this spa inspired by the traditions of Roman bath houses will leave you feeling utterly relaxed and hydrated.

Tranquil music softly plays throughout the space, including through underwater speakers, and the scent of orange blossom, coupled with a plethora of dim flickering candles, adds to the serenity of the experience.

After soaking in the warm, therapeutic baths; you are met with several massage therapists offering a range of healing treatments. For example, at £650 you can enjoy the Grand Indulgence package which entails a 75 minute full body massage and a 15 minute hot foot massage. AIRE also offer a 60 minutes massage, £245, or a 45 minute couples massage, at £395.

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Retreat at the Londoner, for a Feel-Good Make-Over

With the hustle and bustle of a high-performance life, a day for relaxation and a makeover is essential for maintaining balance. In this spa, the swimming pool, hydropool, sauna, steam room and private cabanas can all allow you to enjoy a full day of rejuvenation.

The state-of-the-art gym with high-tech equipment is set-up for intense training and the Londoner’s collaboration with SB Wellness personal trainers will fully maximise your intention for self-renewal.

At The Londoner, you can eat at the Superfood and Drink Health clinic after the workout, and pay a visit to the many beauty booths available including AMA Nails, Joe Vipond’s Gentleman’s Grooming, and Hiro Miyoshi’s Hair salon.  After a day at The Londoner, you can leave the spa feeling like a better version of the one who walked in.

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Ilapothecary, for Healing and Grounding

Nestled near the charming antique shops and art galleries in Kensington Church Street, this spa is the perfect place to channel your inner spirituality, and take a break from urban stressors such as environmental and digital pollution, hormonal imbalance and body fatigue.

With grounding aromatics in the atmosphere, and music playing at exactly 432 hertz to relax the body and mind, the Ilapothecary aims to put mind and body into harmony. Upon arriving at the spa a consultant questions you in depth about your mental and physical health, and your own spiritual beliefs before suggesting treatments suitable to your needs.

Drawing on Ayurvedic traditions, aromatherapy, homeopathy, and crystal healing, the massage therapists work to leave you feeling at peace.  For £140 you can receive a 70 minute ‘Light your Fire Chakra Balance Massage’, to restore your nervous system and unblock your chakras to leave you in a state of complete equilibrium and peace.

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BVLGARI Spa, for the Gold Pool

Bulgari is a world-renowned business known for its luxury and opulence, and the spa is no different. Swimming in not one - but two pools: the 25m swimming pool bedazzled in emerald green and gold mosaic tiles is meant for leisure - but the vitality pool, covered in gold-leaf tiles, is for indulgence.

This spa is the epitome of luxury and opulence, with the high-tech clinic that includes treatments using top of the line equipment like micro-needling, radio frequency, cryotherapy and LED therapy; this spa will leave you feeling like royalty.

Their most exclusive treatment is the Celestial Black Diamond Facial, where for £550, you receive a two hour facial using Radio Frequency and diamond powder to reduce fine lines and inflammation, turning back the clock to leave you fresh-faced and glowing.

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Chuan Body + Soul at The Langham, for devotees of Chinese Medicine

This spa centres around traditional Chinese medicine. Under the guidance of renowned practitioner, Professor Song Ke, each massage therapist is trained for over 15 years in acupuncture, herbal medicine and Tuina massage in order to provide the most comfortable and beneficial healing treatments that offer immediate results.

Most treatments are guided by the traditional five elements theory; wood, fire, metal, earth and water. Treatments can be personalised to your element, further enhancing personal healing.

We recommend the Chuan Immune Booster £365, a 150 minute Urban Detox light pressure massage and foot treatment, and the Chuan Stone Therapy £190, for 90 minutes, which uses both hot and cold stones to balance ying and yang energies.

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Four Seasons, for the Ultimate Luxurious Spa Experience

Crowned at the top of the world-famous 5-star hotel Four Seasons, sits the Four Seasons spa overlooking Hyde Park. Loaded with high-end facilities including their vitality pool, along with jacuzzis and saunas - this spa has everything you can think of and more to satisfy your luxurious needs.

The main attraction of this spa is its penthouse location. Most spas are tucked away underground in the basement, but at the Four Seasons, your view is the sky, not a low-celing which only adds to the opulence of the experience.  

Their most sought-out treatment is the Penhaligon’s body oil massage, £255, which includes an indulgent 90 minute full body massage using Penhaligon’s Halfeti or Empresa fragrances.

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