London Insider: Lee Broom on his month ahead in the capital

Words by
Sphere Life

27th June 2017

Celebrating a decade in design this year, acclaimed product and interior designer Lee Broom is known for his modern, playful creations

Lee Broom by Arthur Woodcroft
Which galleries/exhibitions will you be visiting?

Newport Street Gallery is very close to where I live in South London. I always make a point of seeing each new exhibition there, so I’ll be visiting the Ashley Bickerton show when I can.

An item you want to buy?

I’m a huge fan of Gucci. I love Alessandro Michele’s vision and what he has done with the house; it’s eclectic, contemporary and unsurpassed in terms of Italian craftsmanship.

A walk you are looking forward to doing?

I love to walk along Waterloo Bridge from home to the studio. It has some of the best views of London, with St Paul’s on one side and the Houses of Parliament on the other. I always stop to take in the view.

A new book you want to read?

I hardly ever read. My brain works visually and I find it difficult to stare at a page of words. I have a big library of books at home but they are all oversized coffee table books, so much more visual.

Which bars will you be visiting?

Untitled in Dalston from Tony Conigliaro, which is probably the most interesting bar I’ve been to in a while. It has quite a sterile, minimal feel – very Andy Warhol Factory – but the communal table really makes it social and fun. Also, the Coach & Horses in Soho is a favourite haunt. It hasn’t changed in many years, which is rare for Soho now... When I studied at Central Saint Martins, this was our local.

Which cafés?

Regency Café in Pimlico; it’s a proper greasy spoon and really hits the spot.

Which new restaurants?

I’d like to have dinner at Isabel in Mayfair. The Chinoiserie and Art Deco interior looks really interesting, and I’ve heard great things about the food.

Any in-the-know shops you might go to?

Stephen Jones. He’s a friend of mine and has made me several hats over the years. He is without doubt one of the most important milliners of recent times. His technical expertise and inventiveness is very inspiring, and I love his sense of humour, which comes through in his work

Where might you get a spa treatment done?

The ESPA Life at the Corinthia Hotel has to be one of the spas I've ever been to. The space is incredibly well designed; you don't feel like you are in the middle of London at all.

Your favourite hidden spot in London?

The great thing about London is the scale; there will always be parts of London you’ll have never discovered. I love historical architecture and sculpture, such as the amazing stonework in cemeteries. I recently discovered Egyptian Avenue in Highgate Cemetery, which is a Victorian avenue lined with Egyptian style mausoleums. Creepy but beautiful.

Which play might you be seeing?

The last play I saw was the opening night of King Lear with Glenda Jackson. It was incredible. After 35 years on stage she become an MP, and now at 80, she‘s back on stage. It was a very emotionally powerful performance and blew me away. I’m not sure what I’ll be seeing next.

Your favourite London brand and why?

I would have to say Mulberry. We designed some bespoke Carousel lights for them for them a few years ago when they redesigned several of their flagship stores across London and Europe.