5 Minutes With... Petra Palumbo

Words by
Andy Morris

29th April 2022

The sustainable homeware star celebrates her new pop-up in Mayfair by recommending Scottish seafood, British-Nigerian design and Beirut's best hotel.

Which piece in your pop up are you most proud of?
I'm proudest of our hand-painted water cooler which has been complimented the most by customers. I’m going to produce a limited edition range of them in time for Christmas this year. 

Which piece was the most difficult to produce and why?
I’d say our mouth blown jugs, it was really important to get the proportions right as I really dislike having to fill up jugs during dinner. 

What was your favourite thing to do in London?
See my family, eat sushi and go to Dulwich Picture Gallery.

A restaurant you unreservedly recommend?
Rocpool in Inverness. The produce is seasonal, fresh and the atmosphere is always great. I would order anything with seafood on the menu! 

What is your favourite hotel and why?
The Albergo Hotel in Beirut, it’s the most perfect boutique hotel. It’s a jewel with the a rooftop pool and the best bar!

What holiday destination would you recommend and why?
Japan - it’s an explosion on the senses. I dream about moving there for a couple of years in my lifetime. 

Which fashion brand is particularly exciting for you at the moment?
Duro Olowu - I love how he combines different patterns and unexpected colours together. 

What bottle never leaves your cocktail cabinet?
Seven Crofts Gin from Highland Liquor Co.!

What does luxury mean to you?
To me, luxury isn’t about the price but about an emotional connection and quality. It’s about longevity, a feeling that you want to look after and care for it and hand it down the generations. 

Petra Palumbo London Pop-Up takes place at LAMB Gallery, 32 St. George Street, Mayfair, London W1S 2EA
 until 7pm Friday 29 April and 11am-7pm on Saturday 30 April. petrapalumbo.com

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