Andrew Coxon on his month ahead in the capital

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9th October 2017

When he’s not in the jetting around or working away on his impressive jewellery empire, London native Andrew Coxon - President of De Beers Institute of Diamonds - visits his favourite local spots

Andrew Coxon, President of De Beers Institute of Diamonds
An item you want to buy and where? 

The new De Beers Talisman Lucky Coin bracelet. It reminds me of all the different rough and polished diamonds I personally selected for the Talisman Wonder - a museum-worthy object from our archives - that travels the world from one De Beers store to another. The Lucky Coin bracelet is an easy talisman piece to wear, as it can be discreetly hidden under a shirt cuff, all the while allowing close contact with the powerful energy of the diamonds embedded on the coin.

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A new book you want to read? 

Depends what I find on my next trip to the John Sandoe bookshop in Chelsea. I rely on recommendations; I take enough risks in the diamond business as it is!

Which bars will you be visiting? 

The newly opened members’ Chess Club, on Chesterfield Street. It’s close to the office and convenient for an early evening cocktail. We recently hosted the launch of our new engagement ring, DB Darling, there.

The DB Darling engagement ring
Which cafes? 

Chucs on Dover Street is a favourite for breakfast meetings and lunch. I like how small it is, and the exceptional service.

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Which new restaurants? 

Isabel on Albermarle Street is a glamorous and vibrant new addition to the Mayfair restaurant scene. I love the diverse mix of nationalities and ages amongst its clientele; you never know who you will find yourself seated next to.

The interior at Isabel

The interior at Isabel

Any in-the-know shops you might go to? 

By Appointment on Chiltern Street is an incredible florist that not many people know about, with an international and royal following. They design original and luxurious bouquets, but can also produce any kind of floral sculpture or installation imaginable.

An arrangement by 'By Appointment'
Where do you enjoy fitness? 

I travel so much that my most regular exercise is walking through airports! My life is divided between London, Aldeburgh, St Tropez and Cape Town.

The Making of the Talisman Wonder Original
The Making of the Talisman Wonder Original
The Making of the Talisman Wonder Original
The Talisman Wonder Original
Your favourite hidden spot in London?

The Travellers Club in Pall Mall.

Andrew Coxon Diamond Selection
Which play might you be seeing? 

I do enjoy the English National Opera and the English National Ballet. Any performance they have on is always of the highest standard, and even more impressive due to their reduced budgets.