Behind the Gems of Augustine Jewels, Notting Hill

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16th October 2023

Augustine Jewels, in London's iconic Notting Hill is tucked away on the picturesque Ledbury Road, standing as a radiant beacon of timeless elegance and unwavering dedication to excellence. We look into the story behind this British Luxury jewellers and the sparkling bespoke designs that have made the Augustine name.

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Augustine Jewels Notting Hill - Andalusian
The stunning Andalusian collection inspired by the Hispano-Moorish architectural styles of southern Spain

Augustine Jewels: A British Legacy of Luxury Jewellery in Notting Hill


Established by the visionary Alexandra Robson in 2013, the quintessentially British luxury jewellery company has evolved into a dazzling gem in the world of bespoke jewellery. The story of Augustine Jewels is a tale deeply intertwined with heritage, a narrative of rediscovery, and a testament to relentless commitment.

Augustine Jewels Notting Hill - Alexandra Robson
Alexandra Robson, Founder of Augustine Jewels

The journey began when Alexandra acquired the Augustine Studios property in 1995, unwittingly unveiling a rich history that traced its roots to The Silver Studio design group from 1860 to 1963. Alexandra recognised the significance of this heritage and vowed to breathe new life into its illustrious name. The result was Augustine Jewels, a design studio specialising in crafting exquisite handmade jewellery that beautifully blends the threads of history and modern luxury.

A decade has passed since the inception of Augustine Jewels, and the business is not just thriving; it's expanding. Alexandra Robson, the creative force behind the brand, shows no sign of slowing down.

Augustine Jewels Notting Hill - Gold Filigree Ring
Gold Filigree Ring in Garnet & Citrine from the Andalusian Collection, £190

Augustine Jewels has earned a well-deserved reputation for its Bespoke Service, where Alexandra meticulously sources extraordinary gemstones to create truly exceptional designs. Their Ready-to-Wear Collections, inspired by the world's most opulent destinations, evoke a sense of wanderlust and sophistication. From Lake Como and Gstaad to the South of France and the Andalusian region in Spain, Alexandra's designs vividly capture the essence of these magical locales. Even amidst the challenges posed by the COVID-19 Pandemic, she managed to create the breathtaking English Gardens Collection, a testament to her unparalleled creativity. 

It comes as no surprise that Augustine Jewels and their Luxury Jewellery Collections earned a nomination for Jewellery Designer of the Year in 2022, a recognition of their devotion to the craft.

Augustine Jewels Notting Hill - Gold Filigree Pendant
Gold Filigree Pendant in Garnet & Citrine from the Andalusian Collection, £190

One of their standout collections is The Andalusian Collection, drawing inspiration from the Hispano-Moorish architectural styles of southern Spain. Beloved by Augustine Jewels' admirers, this collection marries vibrant natural coloured gemstones with precious metals. The richly diversified colour palette of Andalusia, with its vibrant reds and yellows contrasting the sparkling blues and greens of the Mediterranean, inspired stunning Octagonal Rings, Necklaces, and Earrings. Garnet & Citrine with 9ct Yellow Gold, Smoky Quartz & Citrine with 9ct Yellow Gold, Blue Topaz & Peridot with 9ct Yellow Gold, and Blue Topaz & White Topaz with 9ct White Gold exemplify the collection's elegance. 

Augustine Jewels Notting Hill - Peridot and Blue Topaz earrings
Octagon Gold Drop Earrings in Peridot and Blue Topaz from the Andalusian Collection, £790

The architectural grandeur of the Alhambra Palace profoundly influenced Alexandra in creating this collection. She meticulously incorporated intricate design patterns from the Palace, complemented by exquisite gemstones. The matching Filigree Necklace, Earrings, and Ring, available in Garnet & Citrine with 9ct Solid Yellow Gold or 9ct Yellow Gold Vermeil, and Blue Topaz & White Topaz with 9ct Solid White Gold or Solid Sterling Silver, embody this architectural inspiration.

Augustine Jewels Notting Hill - Octagon Gold Necklace
Octagon Gold Necklace in Garnet & Citrine from the Andalusian Collection, £650

Alexandra continued her exploration of gemstone combinations, this time complementing them with Solid Sterling Silver. Her choice fell upon Malachite and Onyx, two stones that appeal to both men and women, mirroring the popularity of Augustine Jewels' Cufflinks.

Augustine Jewels Notting Hill - Peridot and Blue Topaz ring
Octagon Gold Ring in Peridot and Blue Topaz from the Andalusian Collection, £650

Augustine Jewels with its rich legacy and unwavering commitment to artistry, continues to shine brightly as an emblem of British luxury. Alexandra Robson's enduring dedication to crafting timeless treasures is a testament to the enduring allure of Augustine Jewels. Each piece is not just a work of art but a testament to the passion, creativity, and unwavering commitment to excellence that defines Augustine Jewels.

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