Haeckels Showcase Exemplary Eco Creds

Words by
Lee Cassanell

11th April 2022

The Margate-based skincare and fragrance brand looks to ‘Bringing local’ ethos to help save the Environment.



Founded in Margate in 2012, Haeckels by volunteer beach warden and coastal enthusiast, Dom Bridges.


Dom’s idea was to create handcrafted products that showcased the surrounding coasts natural ingredients and promote Margate’s heritage of healthy coastal living.


Fast-forward to 2019/20 and Haeckels is thriving, launching Haeckels House immersive spa treatment spaces in both London and Margate. 


Using seaweed as a base for all of their products, the seaweed is harvested by hand just a stone’s throw away from their Margate HQ. 


“Why seaweed? Seaweed hydrates; it’s rich with valuable vitamins, minerals and amino acids; it’s anti-bacterial, skin rebuilding and anti-inflammatory; it’s all-natural.”


Last year Haeckels launched a collaboration with a hotel in the Maldives with the aim to mirror their Margate supply-chain.


“...the idea originally came from the fact that the hotel industry is littered with single-use plastic. It's an industry built on the idea of consumption; from small take-home bottles housed in plastic, to soap blocks that are used once before being discarded.”


So Haeckels started from scratch, redesigning hotel amenities and centering around fixing the waste problem and saving the planet, “designing small-batch, locally produced products with their very own GPS coordinate to bring nature from the island into every room.” 


With recent investment in the company by Estée Lauder, Dom Bridges revealed his hopes for the future:


 “Estée Lauder Companies came to us at a time where we were looking to grow sustainably and although we are in the early days of our partnership, the discussions and steps forward are healthy and our future symbiotic – we are a positive influence on them and they are a positive influence on us.”


For more information on Haeckel’s or to shop their store visit www. Haeckels.co.uk


To book spa treatments visit www.haeckels.house