The Best Health and Wellness Trends for 2024

Words by
Maria Sarabi

17th January 2024

Navigating healthy choices in the new year can sometimes feel daunting. It can seem tricky knowing where to start. Luckily, we have made a simple guide of the best health and wellness trends worth trying in 2024.

The minute January hits everyone is ready to perfect their health and wellness regime for the new year. 2023 proved to be the year of self-care — out went excessive alcohol consumption and ultra-processed foods and in came prioritising gut health and mindfulness. The importance of health and wellness in our lives promises to continue in 2024 — the favourites being supplements, nutritious foods, and luxury self-care treatments. But adapting your lifestyle can sometimes feel overwhelming, so we have devised a simple guide of all the best health and wellness trends to try this year.

Dry Body Brushing Best for Circulation

Health and Wellness Trends for 2024 - Dry Body Brushing
Dr. Barbara Sturm, Dry Body Brush

Before reaching for your phone once you wake up, why not start the morning with a dry body brush. Starting at your feet and brushing upwards with slow strokes can boost circulation by improving localised blood flow. Dry brushing helps remove toxins as well as dead skin, leaving your body smooth before applying lotions and oils. But, best of all, it can help reduce the appearance of cellulite on the body. The morning ritual gets you energised for the day ahead and will only take a few minutes. It’s always best to opt for a natural bristle brush — our favourite is the Body Brush from Dr. Barbara Sturm as you can choose between two versions. The softer brush has gentle bristles that are suitable for sensitive skin types, whereas the medium brush is for those who enjoy a vigorous exfoliation routine.

Dr. Barbara Sturm Body Brush, £30.


Organic Irish Sea Moss Gel Best for Gut Health

Health and Wellness Trends for 2024 - Irish Sea Moss Gel
The Moss Way, Irish Sea Moss Gel

It may not sound the most appetizing, but Irish Sea Moss is a powerhouse when it comes to your health. Having one to two table spoons a day, straight from the jar or mixed into a drink, can soothe bloating, support your energy and metabolism, support your microbiome and aide weight loss. This natural multivitamin is a type of red algae and has been used as a natural remedy for flu and fatigue for hundreds of years. Our choice of Irish Sea Moss is sold by The Moss Way, who use Organic Irish Sea Moss in their gel. They also have a great selection of flavours — you can choose from turmeric, elderberry and moringa. Start your mornings right by rather consuming a spoonful of the gel before reaching for your beloved coffee.

The Original Moss 500ml, £23.95.

Lymphatic Drainage Massages Best for Sculpting

Health and Wellness Trends for 2024 - Lymphatic massage
Harrods Lymphatic Drainage full body massage using the Dimple Amani Technique

If you’re looking to book a treatment to help debloat and depuff, a lymphatic drainage massage is your answer. The treatment helps alleviate tension in the body, break down cellulite and give the skin a fresh glow. Harrods Beauty offer a full body Lymphatic Drainage massage that uses the Dimple Amani Technique. The Bespoke technique flushes toxins through draining the lymph fluid below the skin. During the treatment, hot oil made of Ayurvedic ingredients is poured onto the belly to help alleviate bloating, while moisturising the area. The massage helps reduce water retention and therefore will leave you feeling sculpted and fresh.

Harrods Beauty, Lymphatic Drainage full body (Treatment with the team), 60 mins £150

Reformer Pilates Best for Exercise

Health and Wellness Trends for 2024 - Reformer Pilates
Exhale Pilates reformer

High intensity workouts and too much cardio run the risk of increasing cortisone levels in the body (the stress hormone). Low impact exercise has become a favourable option, with Reformer Pilates improving core stability, strength training and flexibility. Reformer Pilates differs from traditional Pilates in that your movements all revolve around a bed frame with a sliding carriage and weighted springs. These springs and ropes increase the tension of the exercises and offer a full body workout. Your balance and core strength are put to the test, with each class toning the body. Our favourite London studio is Exhale Pilates, an award-winning premium Pilates studio. They can be found in Primrose Hill, Marylebone, and North Finchley. The offer a range of classes to choose from, whether you’re a total beginner or already at an advanced level.

Exhale Pilates, New Client Offers Reformer Intro features 2x Private Sessions, £95.

Health and Wellness Trends for 2024 - Reformer Pilates
Movement revolves around the reformer bed

Yoga Best for Gentle Exercise

Health and Wellness Trends for 2024 - Kora Organics yoga mat
Model and CEO Miranda Kerr using KORA X Sunchild Yogi Yoga Mat in Blue

If you don’t have time to attend classes, regular pilates or yoga can easily be practised at home when you follow an online tutorial using your own yoga mat. If you’re on the hunt for a luxury and aesthetic yoga mat, our favourite is from Kora Organics. The Kora Organics Yoga Mat is an exclusive collaboration between KORA X Sunchild Yogi. They’re made from 100% natural rubber and have a beautiful, soft microfibre suede top with enhanced grip technology that means the more you sweat, the better the grip gets. Founded by Australian model Miranda Kerr, the brand believes in organic and sustainable products. Therefore, the yoga mats are also eco-friendly, biodegradable, and recyclable. They also feature a beautiful design embellished with fruits, crystals and nature and are available to purchase in either blue or pink.

KORA X Sunchild Yogi Yoga Mat in Pink Adult, £57.

Health and Wellness Trends for 2024 - Kora Organics yoga mat
KORA X Sunchild Yogi Yoga Mat in Pink

Cold Water Therapy Best for Mood

Health and Wellness Trends for 2024 - Cold Water Therapy
Gen-One Monk Smart Ice Bath

On a winters day the thought of plunging into cold water may cause shivers down your spine. But what if you knew all the benefits cold water therapy can have on the body. Submerging your body into an ice bath for a few minutes can improve muscle pain and inflammation, relieve anxiety and stress, and even help combat insomnia. Monk have created the first at-home smart ice bath and cold water therapy app. The health tech company aims to make cold water immersion and breathwork more convenient and more personal. Gen-One Monk Smart Ice Bath’s are available to pre-order and have a temperature control of 3-16°c. Featuring guided breathwork, the ice baths work to improve overall wellness and mood from the comfort of your own home.

Gen-One Monk Smart Ice Bath, £4,995.00.

Magnesium Supplements Best for Sleep

Health and Wellness Trends for 2024 - Magnesium supplements
Viridian Nutrition Organic Magnesium

For those who struggle to unwind in the evenings before bed, taking a magnesium supplement can help you relax. Magnesium supports electrolyte balance, the nervous system, normal muscle function, normal psychological function and the maintenance of normal bones and teeth. However, it is important to invest in supplements that are free from nasty chemicals. Ethical vitamin company Viridian Nutrition offers a plant-sourced organic version of the mineral. The supplement is derived from a type of wild seaweed known as sea lettuce. The product is the first certified organic magnesium food supplement in the UK, free from fertilisers, pesticides, and other chemicals. According to Viridian Nutrition, two-thirds of the western world’s population are not meeting their magnesium requirements through diet alone. The vitamin company also sell a Cherry Night bedtime tonic that you can drink before bed. It contains a blend of Morello cherries, magnesium, and glycine.

Organic Magnesium 30 Capsules, £26.80.

Cherry Night 150 grams, £29.85