Cartier’s new range brings a touch of luxury to the everyday

Words by
Charlotte McManus

15th February 2021

Split into the categories of Decoration, Writing, Baby and Games, the Art of Living collection contains an array of elegantly made objects for the home

Cartier has expanded its repertoire of fine watches and jewellery with a new line of objects for the home. Titled The Art of Living, each product is designed to bring a touch of the maison's hallmark style to a range of everyday items, including trinket trays, writing tools and egg cups. 

While the collection may be new, the brand's association with quotidian objects stretches back as far as 1880, when articles such as powder compacts and stationery sets were elevated with a Cartier treatment. Later, in the 1930s, Cartier even established an "S for Silver" department, dedicated to the creation of special gifts and practical items, including lighters and belts.

The 2021 Art of Living collection is comprised of four ranges, each themed around a different purpose while united by a single design aesthetic, with signature Cartier emblems - such as the panther or the Double C - running throughout. 

As the name suggests, "Decoration" focuses on the ornamental, including porcelain vases and lacquered wooden jewellery boxes, while "Writing" features cards, envelopes and notebooks, as well as ink pads and pencil boxes. There is also "Games", which offers elegantly crafted diversions - we especially like the solitaire board made from blown glass and Corian - with the likes of cashmere blankets, silver spoons and panther-shaped piggy banks available in "Baby". 

From £160,