Must-Have Home Decor for Summer 2024

Words by
Pippa Lowe

7th June 2024

We present a selection of must-have home decor for summer 2024, helping to switch up your space and keep it fresh as we progress into the year's warmer months. From fanciful floral curtains by House of Hackney to vibrant pop-art trays by Fornasetti. These days there’s no need to get out the wallpaper and paint to make a room feel new.

As we move through late spring and into summer, it becomes time to freshen your home. Decor-wise. With brighter colours and ditsy florals to welcome the warmer weather and give the feeling of a new start, without the full-on home revamp. Rolling out rugs, switching out curtains and introducing fashionable home accessories are all ways to achieve this without painting walls and ripping up carpets. To be a helping hand through the process we bring you a selection of must-have home decor for summer 2024, from tulip candle holders to blue gingham tablecloths. Spaces won’t have looked fresher.

Atkin and Thyme Spritz Drink Trolley

Home Decor Summer 2024 - Atkin and Thyme Spritz Drink Trolley
Atkin and Thyme Spritz Drinks Trolley, £379

Sometimes the convenience of a drink feels even better than the drink itself. Well, that depends on the drink. If an espresso martini is at hand, there’s no topping it. But the convenience of this Spritz Drink Trolley from Atkin and Thyme (£379), just might. Uniquely in-built with a brass ice bucket, this trolley accommodates everything a host could need - all on four wheels. From the shaker to the coupes and an icy home for a perfectly chilled bottle of whatever you wish. What is more, it looks incredibly stylish. 

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Maison Margaux Gingham Tablecloth

Home Decor Summer 2024 - Maison Margaux
Maison Margaux Soft Blue Gingham Tablecloth, £165

Gingham has come a long way from Dorothy’s Wizard of Oz wardrobe, it’s now circled back around as a spring summer staple. Social trends have seen gingham cookies, tea dresses, nails and now – tablecloths. I see gingham as a bit of a marmite item. You either love it or you hate it, and it’s only to be had in moderation. This Maison Margaux Soft Blue Gingham Tablecloth (£165) , however, is a good place to start whether you claim to like gingham or not. The ideal frill-edged pastel base for any Emma Bridgewater-clad tea parties or warm summer dinners filled with jugs of Pimms and colourful salad spreads.

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Fornasetti Face & Stripes Tray

Home Decor Summer 2024 - Fornasetti tray
Fornasetti Face and Stripes Tray, £1980

Another one for the hosts who love to bring out an ‘only for the guests’ item that is otherwise stashed away in the kitchen cupboard. This tray from Fornasetti (£1980) could be that new item. Adorned with a pop-art style renaissance face peeking through brightly multi-coloured stripes from canary yellow to Louboutin red. As guests clear away delicate canapés and dry martinis, the elegant statuesque face is revealed in halftone dots.

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House of Hackney Curtains

Home Decor Summer 2024 - Herbarium Curtains
House of Hackney Herbarium Cotton Linen Curtain in Ecru, Guide Price at £2,004

Looking for an easy transformation that can be switched through the seasons with just the undoing of a few hooks? A fresh set of curtains is always the answer. It may be generic, but in many minds spring or summer immediately equals florals. These House of Hackney curtains, however, are anything but generic. I would go so far as to call them a feast for the eyes.  Now, these aren’t for everyone, but a busy curtain is a very balanced way to liven up an otherwise plain room. I like to think of a curtain change-up as a trial run. For those who can’t commit to a strong eye-catching wallpaper, but want to dip their toes into that realm of embellished interior design.

Explore House of Hackney's curtain designs and purchase here

Home Decor Summer 2024 - Hollyhocks Curtains
House of Hackney Hollyhocks Velvet Curtain in Spring, Guide Price at £2,197

Nordic Knots Tableau Noise Rug

Home Decor Summer 2024 - Nordic Knots
Nordic Knots Tableau Noise Rug, from £1295

Encapsulating the rush of Columbia Flower Market on a Sunday morning is this Tableau Noise Rug from Nordic Knots. Available in two sizes (starting at £1295) this abstract rug is inspired by bustling flower markets with the handwoven images created from a digitally distorted image of a real-life flower installation. Framed with neutral fringing, this rug is only made in very small batches with only a few ever available in each size.

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Laetitia Rouget Tulip Candle Holder

Home Decor Summer 2024 - Laetitia Rouget
Laetitia Rouget Blue Tulip Candle Holder, £165

Taking a whimsical twist on classic summer florals is this Laetitia Rouget Blue Tulip Candle Holder (£165). No two flowers are the same, and neither are these candle holders. Handmade and painted by Portuguese artisans, no two creations are identical. Meaning that the playful piece is completely unique to you and your home (even if it is in the little details).

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Jonathan Adler Globo Table Lamp

Home Decor Summer 2024 - Jonathan Adler
Jonathan Adler Globo Table Lamp, £1050

This Jonathan Adler Globo Table Lamp (£1,050) certainly has a vibrant 60s vibe, encrusted with acrylic orbs around the middle like bubbles of a lava lamp frozen in time. Light fills the mirror-shine brass dome and refracts down through the multi-coloured spheres, making them shimmer with a warm glow. Also available with clear orbs for a more modern, sleek look.

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Business and Pleasure Al Fresco Sun Lounger

Home Decor Summer 2024 - Business and Pleasure
Business and Pleasure al fresco sun lounger in Antique White (£1499) with cushion is Dusty Pink

Step into the poolside scene of a classic film with this Al Fresco Sun Lounger by Business & Pleasure. Available in a variety of patterns and shades from dusty pink to navy stripes. I can only imagine sitting here with shades down, strawberry daiquiri in hand and ‘The Boy from Ipanema’ playing in the background. Whilst having a vintage look, this charming chaise longue is packed with modern tech. Crafted using Pleasuretex®, the cushion ensures both optimum durability and unparalleled comfort.

Learn more and purchase the lounger (£1499) here and explore the cushion colours (£299) and purchase here