Trends for 2022

Words by
Andy Morris

19th May 2022

Missed the 'vibe shift'? Not gone full 'goblin mode' just yet? Read our ongoing roundup of the trends, memes, phrases and themes to discuss and, occasionally, delight.

Dissociative Pout
A.K.A. “lobotomy chic”. i-D called it “the new duckface”. Imagine you are attempting to pose in a doe-eyed and sultry manner... and then someone surprises you with some terrible news.

The Gucci/Adidas umbrella, pictured above, is priced at over £800 and isn't technically waterproof. But that's because in reality it is for shielding you from the sun not the grotty British summertime.

Financial Nihilism
The New York Times reports that faced by war, the pandemic, global inflation many consumers are spending like there is no tomorrow. Because there might not be. 

Conscious skiing
French outerwear specialists Rossignol has recently unveiled the first fully recycled ski, going some small steps to making winter sports a little kinder to the planet.

The Real Life Of Pablo
Adiodante, the luxury travel company are selling a £450,000 Picasso tour. First reported by Globetrender, it costs £75,000 per person for groups of up to six. Includes hotels, experts, associates, backstage access, three Michelin starred chef - but sadly no artwork in a goodie bag.

Hyperphysical stores
According to The Future Laboratory, retail is going to look a lot more distinctive - so expect stores that feel like theme parks, rather than anything purely transactional. Experience shopping that is a bonafide experience, whether that be Balenciaga's shaggy pink fur, Jacquemus at Selfridges or Coach pillow tabby installation.

The Oil Painting Renaissance
Whether its Noah Verrier’s Big Mac in oils, Michele Poirer Mozzone's watery shots or Maddox’s favourite Ross Muir, the art world seems to be reacting against digital to fall in love with traditional techniques once more.

App-assisted thrifting
One of the most common art stories is an overlooked masterpiece being bought at a charity store... and then flipped with appropriate financial rewards. Assist this time-honoured process by downloading - an app that is akin to travelling everywhere with your own personal Jerry Saltz in your pocket.

Celebrities Shoot Themselves
Not since Brooklyn Beckham’s elephant have we seen a worse picture than the one taken by Kaia Gerber of her fellow attendee Tommy Dorfman for Vogue. As with most Hollywood things, if you want the real scoop have a look at Greg Williams’ Instagram.

Carretto Sicilano
The latest Kardashian wedding may have been a little light on the catering but the Dolce & Gabbana bread plates are simply splendid.

Stockholm Syndrome
2022 was supposed to be the year of train travel. But then Covid stuck around and Andy Burnham revealed that it cost £369.40 anytime return ticket to go between Manchester and London. From September, thanks to Eurostar’s expansion, you can now travel in 24 hours (using the new Hamburg to Stockholm sleeper).

"Hobbit Mode"
According to podcast host Jon Drake, this consists of having "two breakfasts and falling asleep under a tree."

Invite only dance-floors
A room full of white cis males does not necessarily make for a welcoming environment. A new wave of London clubs is now going invite-only in a bid to make everyone feel comfortable.

Meaning "so-so" or mediocre in Mandarin, the New York Times reports is the idea of not striving for perfection. It's ok for it just to be ok.

The Patagonia Vest Recession
Coined by Scott Galloway, one of the hosts of the Pivot podcast, the mass redundancies at Netflix are only the beginning. Apparently things are  going to filter down with many creative/business wonks in the firing line...

As reported in Bloomberg, the German term for worrying neophytes from even trying highbrow culture like classical music, opera and ballet.

According to influential newsletter Blackbyrd Spyplane, Ricky Gervais' style - brand-free luxury black v-necks with jeans - may be due a reappraisal. The jury is out on this one.

TV used to be about difficult men - now according to The Guardian we want comfort viewing, along the lines of Ted Lasso, Abbott Elementary, Julia, Bake Off and so much more.

Everything has a made-up term now according to The Face. Touché.