Hugo Boss launches sustainable sneakers

Words by
Imogen Cook

8th May 2018

Replacing leather as the go-to sneaker material of choice, Hugo Boss has created a vegan shoe made entirely from organic and recyclable materials

Sustainability is a word we’ve been hearing a lot recently as we have become more aware of our collective impact on the planet. Embracing the need to protect our planet, Hugo Boss, as part of its sustainability program, has reinvented the sneaker in Piñatex® a vegan 'leather' material that has a very low impact on the environment.

Manufactured from pineapple leaf fibres, Piñatex® is harvested as a by-product of the pineapple farming industry. Leather-like in appearance, with the added bonus of causing no further harm to the environment, Piñatex® is an innovative material that has enabled Hugo Boss to take leap into the emerging world of sustainable luxury fashion.

From the sole of the sneakers to the cotton laces, every element of the shoe is sustainable, even the glue used is water-based. The sneakers come in four different colours: black, brown, blue and yellow, and are produced from non-synthetic, plant-based dyes.

The BOSS pineapple shoes are available in Selfridges Oxford Street and the BOSS Regents Street stores, and come in mens sizes 6-11.