Luxury robes for this season

Words by
Tallulah Huston

14th July 2017

From men’s paisleys to ladies’ silks and satins, this season offers an indulgent range of robes.

The day is over and it’s time for a nice glass of chilled Provençal rosé while relaxing on the chaise longue. But before all that, be sure to slip on something silky.

Ultimate relaxation goes hand in hand with luxurious dressing gowns. Whether it’s a weekday evening or a sleepy Sunday morning, it’s time to unwind in style.

With that in mind, we’ve rounded up the best gowns to take your relaxation to a whole new level.

For our gentlemen friends we recommend Turnbull & Asser’s traditional check, £295, or one of its dark and sophisticated paisley prints, £1,750.


The sophisticated woman can escape to the Orient in an opulent Carine Gilson kimono, £1,428. Needing to indulge your inner femme fatale? Stella McCartney’s silk robes, £225 are the perfect costume for the part.

Morpho + Luna at Harvey Nichols - Luna charcoal wool flannel robe - £400

If you’re more in the mood cradle a cup of cocoa, you’ll find a cosy companion in HVN’s loveheart button-down gown, £795. Or if you’d rather match your outfit to the minimalist, modern home, end your day in Morpho + Luna’s soothing charcoal folds, £400.