We Bring you FOPE

Words by
Sphere Life

26th October 2022

Pieces so elegant and yet so technically robust they can withstand being worn 24/7 are really the Holy Grail of luxury jewellery. When an item of this nature is discovered, it has to be shared: in this spirit we bring you FOPE.

FOPE (pronounced ‘foppay’) is an Italian jewellery house, founded in Vicenza in 1929 by the Cazzola family. The name of the brand is an acronym (in translation) of Factory for Jewellery Precious Export. 

Factory is an important word here, because FOPE offers something unique in modern fine jewellery and sustainable goldsmithing, a collection as technically brilliant as its designs are modern and instantly recognisable, and so comfortable you forget you’re wearing them. To put it another way, FOPE is an instant heirloom and a fashion classic rolled into one.

FOPE Luna collection

FOPE Luna collection

FOPE Flex'it necklaces and bracelets can be worn stacked

FOPE’s Luna collection, for example, consists of beautiful white, yellow and rose gold smooth roll-on bracelets - and recently introduced necklaces designed to embrace the curves of the necks of men or women - hand finished at their goldsmithing factory in Vicenza.

Composed of intricate 18ct gold mesh chains, FOPE’s Luna collection embodies this fluid flexibility by using their Flex’it concept, which the brand patented in 2007, after many years of technical research. The concept was originally developed in the 1950s when FOPE began making bracelets for Swiss watchmakers, and has continued to be refined over the years in their drive towards innovation and comfort. This fact alone should be enough to tell you how comfortable the pieces are.

All FOPE pieces are hand finished in Vicenza
Each FOPE piece is finished by a skilled artisan, at their factory in Vicenza

The intricate Flex'it system for the Luna collection is composed of tiny gold springs that rest in between the gold links, suffusing the gold chain with a comfortable elasticity. Since then, this original technology, hand-finished by skilled artisans, has become a mainstay of FOPE’s collections, resulting in instantly recognisable luxury jewellery defined by its smoothness and comfort.

“Our whole philosophy is that jewellery should be elegant and comfortable, to give you a feeling like it’s a second skin when you wear it,” says Claudia Piaserico FOPE’s head of product development.

FOPE's comfortable Flex'it bracelets are unisex

FOPE's comfortable Flex'it bracelets are unisex

The Luna collection from FOPE utilises their patented Flex'it technology for both sexes

At SPHERE, we are convinced FOPE will give the Cartier: Love collection some serious competition. The look and feel of FOPE is modern, and so highly distinctive it inspires a second look, and to see one of their pieces glinting from wrist, cuff, finger or neck would be an daily unadulterated joy for the person wearing it.