The Lapland UK 2024 Ticket Countdown Begins

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Sphere Editors

14th March 2024

The Lapland UK 2024 tickets are back on sale this Monday, March 18th - be poised and ready to land a pass through the portal for this Christmastime. The ticket countdown starts now.

Glasto? Taylor Swift? In fact one of the most hotly anticipated ticket countdowns is for a portal into another world where you can make gingerbread houses with Elves and meet the real Father Christmas. Yes, Lapland UK is back again, the escapist four hour immersive experience that brings the magic back to Christmas.

Lapland UK 2024 Ticket
Father and Mother Christmas, along with all their helpers, welcome you back to Lapland for a 2024 Christmastime visit

Tickets are on sale from Monday March 18th… so set those clocks for 10am sharp and be prepared to sit in that virtual queue! For an insight into this sell out experience, see our article: A whimsical wander through Lapland UK to share in the snow-dusted land through the eyes of SPHERE's Editor, Jemima Sissons, with a delightful review from Amelia Beckham (Jemima's 5-year-old daughter).


Lapland UK 2024 Ticket - Entry Doors
Jump in the ticket queue to enter through the magical portal of Lapland this winter

Learn more and sign up for Lapland UK 2024 ticket release here