...At Sloane delivers Chelsea Charm

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Sphere Editors

31st January 2024

Chelsea hotel '...At Sloane' poses as a chic London getaway to escape the February blues. Acting as a home away from home - surrounding you in charming interiors from Francois-Joseph Graf. Featuring a relaxed top-floor restaurant and speakeasy-style hideaway to lounge with a tall glass of cabernet in the flickering candlelight. 

At Sloane - Dining Table
The hotel's interiors focus on the small details, from mosaic floors to antique furnishings

We are reaching that ever-dreaded dip in the year, February blues. When it comes to this time, some of us bear it whilst others plot desperately to save themselves from it. Usually by booking a weekend away – somewhere, anywhere! However, not all of us Londoners can escape out of the UK in February - so we need to find escapism closer to home. Tucked away in 1 Sloane Gardens is …At Sloane. A nook of luxury tucked in the bustle of Chelsea. Joining the traditional elegance of the 300-year-old Cadogan Estate with the esteemed interior design of Francois-Joseph Graf.

At Sloane - Front Room
From bay windows, to plush velvet loungers - ...At Sloane hones timelessly classic deisgn

If anyone was wishing for a getaway to a balconied Parisian Maison, but the Eurostar was booked up with others of the same forethought – look no further. Although delivering all the classical Chelsea charm of its surrounding area, …At Sloane hones many chic Parisian aspects from Graf’s design. From the dusky candlelit aura of the downstairs lounge, complete with fine wines, a lavish red colour scheme and in-house DJ. To the glistening chandeliers suspended from the ceiling painted as a stormy sky.

At Sloane - restaurant
...At Sloane's top-floor restaurant space bathing in natural light

Another area of the hotel incorporating Parisian flair is the ‘secret’ top-floor restaurant. Circular tables coated in white cloth are drenched in natural light through stain-glass windows, as exceptional takes on French classics are served – for all three meals of the day. Including spicy lobster pasta and “pommes allumettes”, otherwise known as matchstick potatoes. The restaurant itself is lined with symmetrical shelves housing over 500 vases and offers panoramic views over the boutique-lined streets of Chelsea. Aiming to create a warm atmosphere similar to enjoying dinner in a private home, rather than in a restaurant. There is a clandestine space called The Cupola, where up to four guests can enjoy even further privacy in the comfort of an exclusive octagonal space. Crafted in the process of the hotel’s re-design.

At Sloane - Suite bedroom
A bedroom in one of ...At Sloane's 30 bedrooms and suites

The rooms inside the hotel differ but all bring a timeless refinement through individualistic touches. Whether that be the corridors fringed with hand-painted calligraphy, the traditional florals of William Morris wallpaper, countless Greek vases or burgundy mosaic tiling. It’s all in the details with this home away from home in the depths of Chelsea life.

Learn more and book a room via atsloane.com