Escape Off-Grid to L’Ovella Negra

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Sphere Editors

18th January 2024

Found in the Pyrenees Mountains of Andorra, L’Ovella Negra is a place for everyone — for those who wish to recline and relax in their own privacy and escape the bustle of home, but also for those who want to meet people, share stories and explore the valley. Whether winter or summer, snow or shine, the lodge adapts with the seasons and provides the ultimate luxury stay for holiday makers.


L’Ovella Negra, the Spanish for black sheep, is a four-room mountain lodge at the end of the Vall d’Incles, Andorra, only reachable via snowmobile in the winter months. Once there, embrace adventure with snow shoeing, skidoo rides and heliskiing, then cosy up by the large central fireplace.

The Place

Off Grid Escape to L’Ovella Negra, Andorra - mountains
The lodge lies at the foot of the mountains

The lodge stands at the foot of the mountains, and you’ll find it nestled next to the river and located at the end of the valley. During the winter months, L’Ovelle Negra is submerged into a winter wonderland, with a dusting of icing sugar-like powder filling the valley. Once summer comes around, the valley’s trails, surrounded by green trees, and peaks reveal themselves, and the river defrosts.

The Stay

Off Grid Escape to L’Ovella Negra, Andorra - lodge
Inside the wooden lodge

The accommodation features two double rooms and two quadruple rooms, each with its own bathroom. Lit with dim lights and candles, detailed with wood, and furnished with velvet and wool materials — the space offers the ultimate luxury mountain retreat. Downstairs you’ll find a large common area centred with a fireplace. Guests have the choice of curling up in a cosy corner and reading a book or sharing a bottle of wine while chatting with loved ones or new people.

Off Grid Escape to L’Ovella Negra, Andorra - fire place
The common area is centred with a fire place

The Food

Off Grid Escape to L’Ovella Negra, Andorra - dinner table
Enjoy a heart meal with friends and family

During the snow months, the summer outdoor pop-up turns into a wooden shack with communal tables. Skiers or mountaineers can easily drop by for a warm and hearty meal. The lodge canteen serves mountainy meals prepared by the chef.

The Activities

Guests can choose from mountaineering, skiing, trekking, and snowshoeing, with L’Ovelle Negra able to organise guides. If this sounds to strenuous, you can opt for a private mountain guide with a picnic. If you have come simply for an escape by the fire, the lodge will adapt the experience to your needs. They recommend taking a moment to enjoy nothingness in the most beautiful, picturesque setting.

From £470 per night, book here.