The Star Wars hotel is more expensive than the Ritz

Words by
Lee Cassanell

3rd March 2022

The first reviews for Disney’s $5000 Star Wars hotel are in. This is not the hotel room you are looking for...  

The Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser hotel at the Disney World resort in Florida opens to guests this month, following a mixed reaction from the press. The “Two-night immersive adventure”, sees guests boarding a vessel called the Halcyon for a trip to a planet in the Star Wars universe. On the way you can practice your lightsaber skills, sip drinks in the themed lounge, and enjoy a menu of galactic goodies whilst being entertained by actors playing aliens. Think Secret Cinema in space.  The New York Times called it “equal parts luxury hotel, interactive theatre, theme park ride, food as entertainment, digital scavenger hunt and role-playing game.”

Reviews for the general experience and the actors involved in creating the immerse world have been generally positive, though some have complained about the snug size of the “windowless bunker” hotel rooms. The main criticism has been laid on the pricing which starts at $4,809 (£3,585) for two people, or $5,999 (£4,470) for a family of four for weeknight stays - but climbs up to a mighty $20,000 for the highest-end suite. Alcohol and photo opportunities are not included.

Cnet writer, Bridget Carey, who was one of the lucky few invited to a preview, had this to say regarding the cost criticism:  “People have, understandably, scoffed at the high price -- dropping this kind of money can get you a two-week vacation, while this place doesn't even have a spa or pool. But it was immediately clear to me that you're not paying for a room. You're paying to live in a high-tech, constantly changing, personalised Broadway production with access to a few no-wait theme park rides. It's hard to explain. But if you love Star Wars and role playing and the energy of live theatre, this is an entertaining and moving experience.”