Become Fully Rested with DIOME

Words by
Pippa Lowe

18th April 2024

We all sleep, but are we sleeping well enough? Join Pippa Lowe as she learns about Rested, from wellness-brand DIOME. A safe and natural sleep supplement aimed to help us achieve our deepest and most restorative sleep. Could this be this key to rebalancing a fast-paced modern lifestyle?

The importance of high-quality sleep

To say that sleep is one of the most important components of our lives is a big statement to make. Although it’s true. Many of us underestimate the importance of sleep and forget that it isn’t all about the amount that you get, but also the quality of it. Aiming to combat a wellness issue faced by the general population, DIOME faced a challenge in picking just one – but ultimately chose sleep. Sleep impacts the way we feel, the way we think and our long-term health as a whole. Most importantly, everyone needs it.

DIOME - Jianne
DIOME Founder and CEO, Jianne Jamil

Founder and CEO of DIOME, Jianne Jamil, states that: “rather than suffering through our daily ailments and reaching for harsh chemical solutions – as I’ve seen first-hand with loved ones to negative effect – our formulations enhance the body’s very own functions to rebalance in harmony with the realities of modern life.”

Introducing Rested by DIOME

Attempting to provide tangible results of improved sleep quality for the majority population was ambitious for DIOME, but they may have just done it. Built from the mantra of rebalancing life, the up-and-coming wellness brand have put two years of their energy into creating what is currently their one and only product – Rested. A clean and safe natural sleep supplement set to help you achieve deeper and more restorative sleep. Improving your sleep quality holistically - beyond the brain, with a focus on the entire body.

Rested DIOME - rested tub
DIOME's Rested, to achieve deep and restorative sleep

How does Rested Work?

Waking up with that groggy feeling is the tell-tale sign that, yes, you have slept - but it hasn’t been a high-quality sleep. Rested is packed full of B vitamins to help your body to restore itself as you sleep, leaving you waking up energised rather than just as tired as before you even went to sleep! The supplement is designed for daily use and two to four capsules around 30-40 minutes before sleep is recommended for best results (which reportedly appear after three days of consecutive use). Whilst initially developed with the hectic lives of professionals in mind, Rested has been approved for use of ages twelve and up. Helping to support the sleep of younger individuals in their formative years of adolescence. Also featuring key ingredients of linden, chamomile and lemon verbena - Rested is classified as a nutraceutical. Pairing clinically proven natural ingredients with pharmaceutical rigour.

Rested DIOME - Dr Maria
Head of Research and Education, Dr. Maria Jencikova

Dr Maria Jencikova, Head of Research behind the science of Rested explained: “this is the only time that your body detoxes, the only moment that it can clean itself - and sometimes it can be too much for it. Rested gently helps our bodies with this process." Perhaps you think you are sleeping well, until you actually have a proper sleep. "We don't realise we're doing well, until we realise how we were before", Dr Maria commented.

Rested DIOME - rested box
DIOME's brand creation has been innovated in collaboration with Acne, a creative agency part of Deloitte

Head of Product, Emilie Delanoue, got involved with the project as she also found a need for clean and safe formulas. DIOME strives for full transparency with every aspect of their product – from the packaging to the use of locally-produced sources in France. The packaging of Rested is 100% recyclable. Including a violet glass jar, designed to preserve the shelf life and potency of the capsules.

Rested DIOME - Emilie
Head of Product, Emilie Delanoue

The team behind DIOME are committed to improving quality of life with this product, for a wide-spread audience. They collectively stated that, “Our bodies are searching for equilibrium” and that Rested was launched to help achieve that equilibrium. Aiding us in sleeping and recovering, to better handle the next day before us. Whilst Rested is currently DIOME’s only product, keep eyes peeled for Grounded. Launching in 2025, this addition to the product portfolio will act as a sister to Rested. Providing a day and night solution to imbalance in life.

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