Agua de Madre Water Kefir: Live Culture in a Can

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12th February 2024

Madre knows best. Agua de Madre Water Kefir, the Original Cultured Beverage, brings a sparkling twist to the love-your-gut drinks market, where gut health is centre stage. SPHERE's Lisa Barnard popped open its new on-the-go cans in four fruity flavours, packed with probiotics, to see what makes the Madre's formula so special.

Why Fermented Drinks?

The health benefits of fermented food and drink are not a fad, they are not just "a thing", they are scientifically proven.  Kombucha and Kefir have been around for a long time, but it's now recommended to have at least one fermented food or drink a day.

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In a nutshell research has shown that the microbiome of our gut can affect every other organ in our body. So, simply put - you need to take care of your gut. Where to start with that? Is with bacteria (the good kind). Fermented drinks such as Kefir are filled with these beneficial bacteria, otherwise known as probiotics. Keeping your gut as happy as it can be. 

So we were especially excited to her about Agua de Madre's new launches. 

Agua De Madre Water Kefir - glass bottles and cans
Agua de Madre's Water Kefir is available in their to-go cans as well as glass bottles

What makes Agua de Madre Water Kefir different?

Fermented foods and drinks are not to everyone's taste. I follow the Gut Goddess and have incorporated a tablespoon or two of mother cider vinegar into my daily routine, usually mixed with water, first thing in the morning. Agua de Madre has stepped up to create a range of sparkling water kefirs, which are refreshing and tasty. 

So we understand teh concept and importance of the "Madre".  Packed with billions of live cultures, the Madre grains were discovered in Mexico some 2,000 years ago, on the pads of the Nopal cactus. They are mixed with organic Mediterranean lemons and fiery ginger root, creating a thirst-quenching, vegan water kefir. The Madre ferments in bespoke ceramic eggs traditionally used in wine production,hence they are an ideal environment for the Madre to do her thing. The 'Madres and Padres' at Casa de Madre boost the blend with extracts of Nopal Cactus, mentioned above –  the same plant the mother culture was first discovered on, as well as botanical Ginseng and helath-boosting Ashwagandha, all known for their adaptogenic immune-beneficial properties, gut health and mood enhancing powers.


Agua De Madre Water Kefir - Nicola Hart
Nicola Hart, the founder and 'Madre' of Agua de Madre

Founder Nicola Hart, or ‘The Madre’ behind Agua de Madre, highlights the company’s mission to “bring the naturally invigorating and extensive benefits of Water Kefir’s live cultures to the global market” in what is a unique and thrilling addition to the growing love for functional drinks. 

"We are excited about this new offering in the functional drinks market. We are on a mission to bring the naturally invigorating and extensive benefits of Water Kefir’s live cultures to a global market, with our new can range paving the way. We have been working passionately on fine-tuning the blend and preparing our game-changing cans to add more fizz to your fiesta. We have a unique, eye-catching and evocative design, by Creative Director Chris Chapman. These cool cans are for people who want the ultimate healthy, functional grab and go refreshing hit. We say ¡No Más!’ to small cans, the 330ml is the ideal thirst quencher to start the day, with a meal or as a genuinely moreish alcohol alternative that won’t leave you feeling left out. Raise a glass to your digestive system, the health-enhancing hero under your poncho. ”


On to the Flavours

Agua De Madre Water Kefir - flavours
Available in Pomegranate and Hibiscus, Lemon and Ginger, Grapefruit and Lime as well as Blood Orange Bitters

The on-the-go cans are available in four flavours and SPHERE has tasted them all. My personal preference is the Pomegranate and Hibiscus. The Blood Orange Bitters are a delicious alcohol-free aperitif. Lemon and Ginger, heated with a spicy finish from ancho, habanero and chipotle, is refreshing and has a little kick. Pick the Grapefruit and Lime if you want something zesty and refreshing.

The four flavours of Agua de Madre Water Kefir in a can are available online via, £36 for a case of twelve

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