Enter the House of Richard James

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5th March 2024

Relaxed luxury. This is what the luxury menswear brand are trying to achieve with their new and enhanced multi-level space, the House of Richard James. Here we take a look at the stand-out features of this innovated Clifford Street townhouse. From lush and lively lounge spaces to its convenient cocktail bar and vast collection of suits. Both rare and ready-to-wear.

Having plummeted themselves into the epicentre of Britpop, suiting-up the likes of Blur’s Damon Albarn and Pulp’s Jarvis Cocker. Richard James have brought back their classic 90s flair by freshening their bespoke services spot. Twisting features out of the archives with a touch of modernity, resulting in a neat new space for clientele.The new House of Richard James.

House of Richard James - display window exterior
Peeking in through the window display of the House of Richard James

This 2,500 sq ft store and workspace is located on Clifford Street, just across from the brand’s Savile Row store.The freshly refurbished Grade II listed Georgian townhouse boasts lavish yet vibrant touches, sitting in place of Richard James Bespoke. The interiors have been envisioned by esteemed international interior designer, David Thomas – supported by the brand’s Creative Director, Toby Lamb.

House of Richard James - striped curtains
Striped curtains make an appearance as an ode to silk tie designs

Stepping in at the ground floor, clients are faced with angular walnut shelving units finished delicately with brushed brass. The units house rails full of the brand’s latest ready-to-wear collection to delve into. The interiors make regular references to the Richard James archives, from playful polka dot carpets to striped curtains as a nod to traditional silk ties and numerous custom-made rugs imitating original pocket-square designs.

House of Richard James - art prints
The lively interiors, finished with varied artwork as a nod to Richard James' connection with the art world

From the moment clients step in, they are plunged into saturated colour. Bright orange, rhubarb and yellow tones are cut through with a velvety blue as the colours pave the walls and stretch long across the floors. Exciting the senses with a revitalised retro feel, contrasting to the simple and sophisticated Georgian exterior.

House of Richard James- Bar
The charming and exclusive first-floor cocktail bar

Whilst the basement houses an avant-garde workshop space, a trip up the tailor-made lift to the first floor welcomes you to a laid-back and roomy area that they've labelled as a ‘new-age gentleman’s club’. Complete with a cocktail bar and comfortable changing areas, suit fittings and sipping martinis have been made to go hand-in-hand. Another key feature of the house is the grand case of fabrics. Swiping the title of the largest selection of fabrics ever offered in luxury menswear, from Dugdale Bros & Co to Loro Piana. If this vast collection wasn't impressive enough, the wall of fabrics sits under the bluish hues of a majestic vintage 1970s Murano chandelier. This is a magnificent and unique space that would impress any client, whether they're into their fabrics or not.

House of Richard James - fabric Bookcase
The largest selction of fabrics in luxury menswear, sat underneath a vintage 1970s Murano chandelier

The lift not only travels through the levels, but also through time (sort of). The interiors of the lift are made up of a compilation of framed magazine covers, encircling you in a visual representation of the brands’ development from the 1990’s to present day. Striking prints of work from artists: Marc Quinn, Howard Hodgkin and Albert Irwin, bring further life to the first floor space. This level is also planned to be used as a stylish venue for a program of talks and events. 

House of Richard James
Richard James has always been loved by the stars, ever since the brand's initial rise to popularity in the 1990's

The location still offers all the bespoke services of the prior Richard James Bespoke, only now more elevated (and – once again, there’s now a cocktail bar!). The new House of Richard James supplies the full ready-to wear collection as well as made-to-measure, limited edition and one-off suits only available in the house.

Richard James continues to be a popular choice for red-carpet walkers, from Brad Pitt to Tom Hardy. This fresh addition to the brand’s location portfolio aims to act as a new focus-point for the Richard James Community.

Find the House of Richard James at 19 Clifford Street, London, W1S 3RH


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