The Iconic Rado Anatom makes a Striking Return

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13th February 2024

The Rado Anatom is back with the launch of a Limited Edition release, marking 40 years of the iconic square watch. Here we take a look at the new addition and compare to the '83 original that started it all.

The 40th Anniversary Limited Edition Rado Anatom encapsulates all the hard-wearing qualities of the original. Only now further developed, keeping up with the brand's timeless status as Master of Materials. Incorporating hardmetal, high-tech ceramic and the prized anatomically shaped sapphire crystal, the Anatom watch continues to be a scratch-proof staple in the world of luxury watches.

Rado Anatom - cognac limited edition
Cognac to Black Gradient Limited Edition Rado Anatom

The key feature of sapphire crystal is vital to this trait. This is because it is one of the world's hardest materials, structurally identical to the natural sapphire, yet man-made through a strenuous industrial process. The sapphire crystal, since embedding itself into the vital make-up of the Anatom has been further developed by Rado. The crystal can now be edited for aesthetic purposes. Whether that be adding a tint, texture or going the extra mile with tech by finishing with an anti-reflective treatment or custom facetting. It's safe to say that Rado have come a long way with their Anatoms since 1983.

Rado Anatom - blue limited edition
Blue to Black Limited Edition Rado Anatom

The journey of the Anatom starts with the dainty Rado Diastar, crossing watches over into both being fashionable and ergonomically sound. Promising to hug the wrist perfectly through the use of convex sapphire crystal, diamond-polished on both sides for optimum comfort. These are elemenst carried through into the 40th Anniversary releases of a sleek solid matt black Rado Jubilé, and the series of three neon to black gradient Rado Anatoms. Switching out the reflective steel crown and strap of the 1983 model for a wider crown using high-tech ceramics and a black rubber strap with ceramic clasp cover. As well as updating from the quartz to the automatic Rado calibre. 

Rado Anatom - Jubilé
40th Anniversary Limited Edition Rado Jubilé

The design of the original Rado Anatom has continues to establish itself into pop culture since it's initial release 40 years ago, with attention from the likes of Andy Warhol. The artist's vibrant canvas painting of the watch is currently on display centre-stage at the Halcyon Gallery. Read more about the full Andy Warhol Beyond the Brand exhibition at the Halcyon here.

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