It’s About Time: Breitling Arrives in Knightsbridge

Words by
Sphere Editors

4th July 2024

There is no other watch brand that has moved with the times and been an innovative pioneer in the horology world like Breitling has; so, it was only a matter a time of time until the luxury Swiss watchmaker marked its own territory in London’s most desirable location, The Knightsbridge Estate with a new store. SPHERE attended the glitzy opening party at the industrial chic boutique to celebrate the brand's arrival on Brompton Road

Breitling - a woman in a black dress standing with a man in a white shirt
Guests including Amelia Spencer and Greg Mallet attend Breitling’s summer soirée to celebrate the brands 140th anniversary and new store opening
Breitling - Jodie Kidd wearing a white dress
Jodie Kidd at Breitling’s summer soirée
Breitling - Two men wearing beige and black
Hugo Taylor and Oliver Proudlock at Breitling’s summer soirée

Although Breitling was founded in 1884, it has always moved with the times. The innovative watch brand credited with inventing the modern chronograph and pioneering the navigational-tool watch, remains at the forefront of the industry. Today, Breitling is breaking new ground as a more casual, inclusive and sustainable luxury brand. Its mission is to elevate every aspect of its operations by using better materials, implementing superior manufacturing processes, adopting eco-friendly packaging, and ensuring end-to-end traceability. When Breitling sets out to do something, it does it in style and its recent summer bash to celebrate its new Knightsbridge boutique and the Swiss watchmakers 140th anniversary, was no exception. London's glitterati, from Ronan and Storm Keating, Erin O'Connor, Jodie Kidd, Luke Evans and socialites Lady Amelia Windsor and Lady Amelia Spencer were among the guests enjoying the cool vibes and DJ sets by Fat Tony and AUDICOMINGSOON.

Breitling Knightsbridge Estate - watch cases
VIP guests were invited to explore Breitling’s latest collections, including limited-edition pieces
Breitling - a woman wearing a white outfit with a man wearing a floral shirt
Ronan and Storm Keating at Breitling’s summer soirée
Breitling - a blonde woman wearing a long green dress with a man wearing a white linen suit
Millie Mackintosh and Hugo Taylor at Breitling’s summer soirée

Combining the art of classic watchmaking with the latest technological advancements, Breitling is known for combining tradition and modernity. Reflecting this blend, Breitling’s boutiques, including the new Knightsbridge location, are designed with contemporary touches in industrial-chic spaces, featuring exposed brick and steel finishes that echo the brand's commitment to both heritage and innovation.

The opening party on Brompton Road attracted a lively mix of influencers and watch enthusiasts and the event was a testament to the brand's dynamic spirit, mirroring the sleek and contemporary aesthetic of the store itself. A specially commissioned neon sign sign lit up the entrance to the two-storey boutique declaring "40 Years of Firsts" and inside guests could explore striking horological displays, set against a backdrop of stylish decor and upbeat music.

Breitling Knightsbridge Estate - interior decor
The downstairs Whisky Bar provided ample refreshments in the form of classic and contemporary whisky-based cocktails, alongside a selection of alternative drinks and the pool table invited some friendly competition
Breitling - three women standing together
Erin O'Connor, Richard Biedul and Betty Bachz at Breitling’s summer soirée
Breitling - three men, one wearing turquoise, one in black and the other in white
William Goodge, Oliver Cheshire and Matthew Zorpas at Breitling’s summer soirée

Knightsbridge is recognised as one of London’s most distinguished neighbourhoods, renowned for its luxury shopping destinations, five-star hotels, and high-profile restaurants. Breitling’s latest boutique adds to the constellation of prestigious brands and shops on Brompton Road, at the epicentre of The Knightsbridge Estate. Their new two-story showroom offers an inviting space where visitors can explore the watchmaker’s complete collections, whilst enjoying a fully stocked bar, pool table and the centrepiece, a highly  Instagrammable  Triumph X Breitling Limited Edition motorbike. The watch collections include limited editions  Breitling Chronomat and Superocean Rainbow ranges to the latest collections for men and women.

Breitling Knightsbridge Estate - boutique lounge area
To honour Breitling's 140th anniversary, a neon sign was specially commissioned to light up the entrance to the two-storey Brompton Road boutique
Breitling - a blonde woman wearing a green dress and a brunette woman wearing a black top and silver skirt
Millie Mackintosh and Louise Roe at Breitling’s summer soirée
Breitling - three men standing in front of a yellow wall with a big B behind them
DJ artist Fat Tony with Ashton Gohil and Emmanuel Lawal of AUDIOCOMINGSOON

Gavin Murphy, Breitling’s Managing Director, commented: “This is our 29th boutique and cements our presence within central London. Knightsbridge is a strategic location for the brand with a high concentration of affluent local and international clients where we will be able to fully showcase the spectrum of what Breitling stands for today.”



The Breilting Store on The Knightsbridge Estate can be found at: 57 Brompton Rd, London SW3 1DP